Friday, April 15, 2016


I know, the title is a joke. I don't even play DOTA.

Let's say this time I am not lagged behind the trend every girl in the world is currently having:

watching Descendant of the Sun.

(I am watching the 7th episode now so I might miss a lot of details in this post)

There are five reasons why I started to watch this drama early, which I usually watch drama a year or two after its release:

1. Sis watches it, and she said it is good.
She seldom says good in almost anything so I bet it is real good.

2. All of my friends watch it.
And my timeline is full of their updates and pics about DOTS. What the hell.
So I am tired of knowing nothing about it and I decided to start watching it on my lunch break.

3. Convenience.
My colleague has the whole series, so he let me copy his. Also, this week I had quite intense major chest pain and stomach cramp--my PMS has always been worse than the actual period so my mood was so horrible this week--so I had no intention to leave my workstation to socialize.

Therefore, I shut myself from any socialization and I watch DOTS.

4. Song Joong Ki. 
Who doesn't like him? I mean, he is Song Joong Ki. Almost-perfect actor. 'Almost'  because I don't know him personally therefore I cannot judge him.

And this reason is not strong enough that it is soon replaced to be...

5. Jin Goo.
I guess I kena second male lead syndrome again. What is second male lead syndrome?
But I am saying this not without reason! Lets see posters below:

You can see two couples from poster above.

The first couple (first and second pic) is the main lead of the drama, while the second couple (third and fourth pic) is the second lead.

1,000% of my friends and anyone I know who watch this drama ships for the first couple: Captain Yoo and Doctor Kang.

I know why, they are extremely good looking, they are extremely romantic and destiny always let them meet no matter how much they want to say goodbye.

I really know that this is the very reason why every girl likes Captain Yoo, and they fantasize a lot about him. Am I right?! Got ya. Lol.

While the second couple: Sergeant Seo and First Lieutenant Yoon, they don't appear as often as the first couple. Sergeant Seo was avoiding First Lieutenant Yoon because her father wanted her to be with Captain Yoo (typical drama?). But First Lieutenant Yoon was a stubborn girl and she stayed liking Sergeant Seo.

Apparently, this time I obviously go against the majority and I ship for the Sergeant Seo - First Lieutenant Yoon couple MORE than Captain Yoo - Doctor Kang couple.

And you are not going to convince me. I won't change my mind. (What the hell it is only a drama)

Here are my reasons:

1. Their first meet.
Doctor Kang's first meeting with Captain Yoo was really short. It was on the hospital where Doctor Kang thought Captain Yoo was a bad guy who hit some random boy. And that's it.

Why did she already agree to go on date with him only from that first meet? Besides, that doesn't seem like a good first impression but she already okay-ed his date invitation. This is a major turn-off for me for their relationship.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Seo's first meet with First Lieutenant Yoon is way more interesting. First Lieutenant Yoon helped him to congratulate his ex by pretending to be his girlfriend. And they progressed from that.

2. Personality wise.
I initially liked Captain Yoo's personality compared with Sergeant Seo. However, progressing through the story, I think Sergeant Seo is more appealing to me.

Captain Yoo was playful, a bit too harsh, but dishonest. But I assume that is what girls like? I admit his harsh and playful trait is really likeable, but I don't like his dishonest side.

I never like dishonest man.

Why I say dishonest: Captain Yoo is like all talk. He brought Doctor Kang to dates, said many nice stuff and ended up always leaving her in the middle of the date for his work.

I personally hate that.

But Doctor Kang kept saying yes to all dates he asked her to go. Why is this girl like this one?! Why so easy?!

Meanwhile Sergeant Seo is the complete opposite of him. He was very stingy in words, very quiet and expressionless. Something I don't find interesting, because I prefer chattery and playful man.

However, from the way I guess through the story, he is honest. And that is something I really respect even in real life.

He wanted to protect First Lieutenant Yoon and he respected her father wish for her to be with Captain Yoo. But he could not deny his own feeling that he loved her so much and he knew that she loved him too. So he became unresponsive.

He took his time sorting out his feelings, but he doesn't say harsh words. He didn't even say a word to her.

But he hugged her.

A few times, so far. (E7)

He didn't say any words, but he hugged her!

This is the ultimate reason why I kena second lead syndrome again.

Sergeant Seo didn't say a word, but he showed something. He showed that he didn't want to give up his love. I assume he is the type that doesn't talk much when it comes to problem. But he showed her he still cared of her no matter what. First Lieutenant Yoon was very confused and frustrated.

For some reasons, I could relate to her frustrations. I am so immersed with this couple.

But at least, Sergeant Seo was not all talk and disappointing.

I am talking like he is real, omg.

So that is how I spent this week, by immersing myself in DOTS. I only have less than 3 bugs left for this week so I am quite relaxed. I also didn't feel really well so this drama cheered me a lot.

Mysterious man indeed, Sergeant Yeo is. Me like.

P.S. Please don't spoil anything to me.

Lots of love ♥


  1. oh my gosh! i urge u to finish this watching this! I posted a lot about this drama too both on my blog and on IG kekeke I am guilty of Liking a lot of pictures from DOTS xD

    1. OMG yes I start kena the DOTS disease and keep hearting all their pics! Ok la sure I am going to finish it! XD


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