Saturday, April 9, 2016

Can I grow Hello Kitty out of my life?

This post is way so overdued but I need to write it. I feel bad for forgetting this!

Two months ago, besides receiving cute Line friends from Ranger Meow I also received this new collection.

Yes, a new set of Hello Kitty family

Another one!

I lost count of how many Kitties I kidnapped keep now. I know it should be around this time I grow out my Hello Kitty hobby but it gets more intense each day.

I really love unique, fun and colourful they look. So fun to see, collect and put away!

This time the family theme is SG 50. Had no idea what is it (I thought it is a McD promotional or something) but then he told me it means Sg is 50 years old or what.

So grand, huh? Celebrating independence day by releasing this kind of expensive stuff.

Oh my god I have no idea how much do they cost--which I am sure is so expensive omg--and I feel so bad how many cheeseburgers Ranger meow ate for all of them?

Sacrifice stomach muscle for them la. I feel so bad

This set consists of seriously unique names. Let me tell you my favourite Kitties:

Orchid Lover Kitty.

This reminds me so much with Uncle Sea and I laughed so much when I saw this! Uncle Sea loves Orchids so much he literally came here to buy like 100 Orchid seeds for him to grow in Jakarta and all of them died.

He then became so frustrated and he decided to plant another flowers for now before his frustration is gone and he will go crazy to the extent that he orders 100 Orchid seeds again. Hahahaha.

Grow pretty Orchids for Uncle Sea, please?

Durian Lover Kitty.

I sometimes feel that this Kitty set represents South East Asia really well. Orchids, and now Durian! My big family loves Durian and I never hate it, though I never love it as well. I have low tolerance in Durian (do you know that Durian makes you drunk?) I guess, but it was long time ago.

By now, I guess I can finish like half a Durian. But I never know, because everyone loves Durian here and I never have the chance to finish one Durian by myself.

Suddenly I feel so hungry. Can eat this Durian head Kitty? Yum yum.

McD Crew Kitty.

Why McD Crew? Why not Wendy's Crew? Why not Subway Crew?

The most obvious answer is because this set is released by McD ma. But I guess because McD rocks. I always love them no matter how many shitty news I watch about them.

Give me free burgers everyday please, meow?

Tried to take selca with them but apparently I couldn't fit inside one frame.

Ranger meow boy thank you thank you so much for your effort to kidnap them and pass them to me! They said they are so happy here and they said I am their cutest owner.

I guess they got good taste?

Lots of love ♥

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