Sunday, April 17, 2016

Can I grow Hello Kitty out of my life? #3

The irony is, it becomes harder and harder to grow her out of my life as I grow older.

So, I am thinking to show you my older Kitty stuff:

Kitty fan. 7 years old.

Bought this fan when I was in High school. Back then, fan is a must have item in our bag besides pocket tissue, pads, hand sanitizer and facial wash.

Typical all-girls high school students stuff?

This fan was famous back then because it produced really shiok wind that a few people that sat behind me were enjoying free wind from me. Hahahahaha so funny.

Kitty mousepad. 5 years old.

Bought this at Mangga Dua for super cheap price. I know it now looks so yuck but I still love how cosy it is! Sadly up to today I cannot find equally nice and cute mousepad with same price.

Should have bought three, back then.

Kitty bedsheet. Bought this not so long ago.

Because I need something to make my room looks a bit more pink. Sometimes I am sick of it, though.

By the way, mum helped me choose this pattern → she fully supports my obsession?

And I already stained it with my pen because I fell asleep when I was drawing ARGH why am I like this one?

Kitty balls. Collected them just recently.

They came with choco balls inside it and I was buying it with some kids around me picking it as well. Mum then said: "Sure you wanna buy one only?"

I jawdropped. "No way!"

I then picked all available colours and put it on the shopping basket. It was around 50K / $5.

Kitty candy.

I have told myself to avoid all kind of candy and sweets for health reason (diabetic gene?) but there is something I cannot resist.

It comes with free toys!

And the toys are collectibles, oh my god:

Kitty fridge magnet.

Gotta collect them all yo!

So far I bought three packs of candy but knowing how crazy these Kitty fridge magnets I am going to buy more more more more and mooooore packs of candy.

And it is impossible for me to finish all candy by myself (health reason, remember) so I bring it to my workstation and I share it to anyone around me as often as possible.

Kitty candies look so cute together?

I sometimes eat it once in a while but I eat Kitty candies with full of guilty feeling. I have been thinking to go to lab for blood test to check my health but I am scared to receive the result. Hais.

Quiz time!

What thing is crazier than Kitty candies?

I was drawing Chika x Minoru comic manga style on my sticky notes. Lol.

Kitty candies in Kitty container!

Anyone wants to help me to grow Hello Kitty out of my life?

I don't think I can--too many supports (?) yay!

Lots of love ♥


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