Sunday, April 10, 2016

Can I grow Hello Kitty out of my life? #2

Another Hello Kitty post?

I hope you are not sick of it.

This morning after I had my breakfast, I passed by a stand with some aunties on it. Apparently they were holding Tupperware buy 1 get 1 sale in front of the Tupperware store.

I then stopped by there since I remembered that my current lunchbox is badly spoilt (it literally broke that I need to use rubber band to close it, lol). The buy 1 get 1 sale promotion is really really tempting.

So I got myself two new cute lunchboxes.

Wanna guess how it looks like? But this is way too easy to be a proper question...

Hello Kitty x Tupperware?

Lunchboxes with their matching cutleries!

Two of them somemore! And how vibrant and cute the colour is?!

700ml each. Not that big but also not small. I need small lunchbox for my diet leh!

I don't know if I got them with a good price. They are supposed to cost 160K.

Then they said I could choose one more container for free so I guess 160K is really worth it. But two lunchboxes is more than enough for me so I asked them if I could get a premium water bottle for free instead.

They didn't give it to me. Obviously?

They insisted me to pay 300K if I wanted the premium water bottle. Wtf?

Then my aunty soul came out. Shamelessly.

I bargained, bargained, bargained and bargained to them until no shame and they were so stubborn that they couldn't give the premium water bottle for free.

I really didn't want another lunchbox (so many for what? Only makes me waste more time in the morning because I need to spend a few minutes to choose which lunchbox to use today liddat?) so I also insisted in getting the premium water bottle, which they insisted me to pay 300K for two lunchboxes + one premium water bottle.

But in the end, they gave up. Because I crazily insisted. Hahaha.

They told me to pay 175K for these two Kitty lunchboxes plus this one premium water bottle.

Wtf I barely saved 125K what?!

Yay! So happy leh! Got these three for 175K from 300K.

I got them by shameless bargaining so I will love them more more more.

And this is one more reason why it will be so hard for me to grow Hello Kitty out of my life. It seems that my lust for these Kitties are always fulfilled no matter how

But it makes me happy, so it doesn't matter!

Lots of love ♥

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