Friday, April 29, 2016

April 26.

It was parents' anniversary on April 26.

I was so tired from work so they brought me to eat somewhere close. We decided to go to Thai restaurant nearby.

I was so tired, sleepy and (for sure) very hungry so we ordered like five dishes.

No, actually initially we only ordered two dishes but I wanted the roti naan, the fish tom yummy soup and the fried stuff so we ended up ordered those five dishes.

Three people ate five dishes. And I managed to finish almost the whole thing of that fish tom yummy soup. XD

I don't know what you think about it but my HP camera seriously sucks real bad after I upgraded to Lollipop hais. So I always bring Ginny anywhere, to the point that she now is quite a mess.

So, time really flies--and I have no idea it is only me or what--and next year is their Silver Anniversary or their 25th anniversary.

No, really, have we been together for that long!?

It is slightly more than my entire life, which is crazy to think. But really, has it been that long that I live in this world?!

Am I that old already?!

Okay that is so depressing to say so I'll say another thing.

In my entire years of living in this world, there are so many things I learnt, encountered, fought, protected and worked on.

I often have this thought whether other people are real, or whether they are only what my mind created. I had this fight inside my head so many times to defy the logic of geocentric that actually the center of my world is inside me.

Which I know if I explore about it further, it might all be so irrelevant.

Regarding that thought, I find it weird that if the Sun is the center of our world, how come it plays a really insignificant role in my life? Apart of giving us energy, apart of giving us life.

Ok actually that is significant.

But daily, we don't even think about that. What drives us to move forward, to make decision, to live our life lies within ourselves. The control is inside us, something that keeps us living.

That is weird right?

And I am sure some people have questioned it before.

The system called "soul" inside us. I come to realise that it has a really great power that affects our life.

It is not a mere "soul" that moves us. It keeps us alive, it tells us what it wants, what it desires. I mean, how awesome that each of us living being own it?!

And it gives us what we want. Because each of our soul has its own universe within, the realm under our consciousness that has been proven to be powerful.

Yes, I am talking about Law of Attraction, and how awesome it is.

We are the owner of our universes, and we can do what we want, we can have what we wish and we can earn what we dream.

Not everyone knows about this but this is seriously powerful.

We all can live the life we want. We tell ourselves the kind of life we want and our "soul" inside will make us work hard to achieve what we want.

This is proven technically for myself!

I am dying to blog about this but it takes me ages to compose the perfect blog posts so that I can send the correct message to everyone.

Anyway, I will be writing about "How to live the life we want" in short future, let me compose about it for next few weeks ah?

To remind myself that it has been almost a quarter of century that I breathe--I want to achieve something awesome, with my passion and things that I love!

So, Happy Anniversary mum and dad! You both are the best that I have in my life.

Lots of love ♥

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