Sunday, March 20, 2016

★Why 2016 is the B.A.P year☆

Not particularly about B.A.P, but still B.A.P!

Last week was full of blessings and surprises!

I believe that this year is going to bring me much more pleasant surprise and happiness, and I am so excited to look forward to all of it.

I suddenly feel like I become a few years younger because all of these pleasant things keep coming to me.

So, why 2016 is the B.A.P (Best-Absolute-Perfect) year:

#1 Hunter x Hunter resumes

The moment I read the news of Hunter x Hunter resuming its production was the moment when I blurted out "2016 is the best-absolute-perfect year!" for the first time!

Because, the waiting all Hunter x Hunter fans for almost two years have come to an end.


This is the best link in my whole life, please click it for no reason.

The best-absolute-perfect news of the year!

Author Togashi is finally returning to his production work and all fans are so happy and supporting him all the way!

And here is me, a big (literally or not?) fan girl who was way too happy on the day I found out that Hunter x Hunter is resuming!

I don't read the comic so I will patiently wait for the anime. Be it one year, five years or a decade. I will still wait patiently and I will make sure this blog will witness how happy I am when that time comes.

#2 B.A.P is coming to Jakarta

*pinch cheek*

For real?

Cousin told me about this in the morning and I instantly jumped out from my bed.

Source: //This is the Seoul Awake poster.

Is it for real?

I cannot confirm this, yet but it excites me that they are coming to Jakarta--if it is really true!

Ever since B.A.P Live On Earth world tour was announced last year, I already gave up when I read that Jakarta is not on the list. The closest place they are going to drop by and hold the concert is Singapore, which will be held on this June or July.

And I doubt I could go (the problem of buying the tickets, have to take a leave for many days and many other obstacles?) so I kinda gave up.

But if really really they add Jakarta to the list of the city they are going to visit, COUNT ME IN!

For now, these are two things that already made my year, and can I ask for more pleasant surprises like this?

I am so ready!

Two good news happened in a week, it made my days!

No, it made my week!

Well, it already made my year so well I cannot wait for the rest of this year being so great!

Really really I cannot stop thinking that I am so blessed in so many ways. All the ups and downs in my life are blessings, there is only fortunes and happiness in my life and in everyone's elses! I always believe so and I always pray for the best for everyone!

There might be some times when I get tired of everything and I wanted to cry and there are even some time in my life I wanted to end my life, but it is needed in order for me to be able to truly experience bliss, happy and awesome things so that they would feel even better and nicer!

So, each night before going to bed I always type on my hp Notes app the things that are blessings in my day. I thought I won't type so many things, but I almost always end up typing way so many things.

Surprisingly, recently my notes each day has always been so long and positive, full of happiness, emotes and laughters so I think that I am really having the time of my life.

Being 23 is tough, people say. But I will make sure mine is one of the best!

Also, there are other few things that make year 2016 legit so B.A.P for me as well, so let's do a bit throwback:

#3 Witness sunrise experience

Read here for the experience.

It is my first and just awesome! Everyone should definitely try to invest for a day to wake up a few hours earlier than usual and climb for sunrise.

Mum sounds like she really wanted to join me in the sunrise witnessing so I kinda regret it not bringing her. It was expensive as hell so I thought of going by myself first.

Will bring her there next time for sure!

#4 Start to earn

Legally and officially!

I will work my best to gain as much experience as I can!

#5 Start gym sessions

Started for one month earlier this year, stopped for one month plus but I resumed my gym membership again last week.

It feels so nice to be able to let go my inner stress and frustration through sweat. Also, the good thing is I lose gram by gram. A win-win situation!

Oh ya there is one funny thing happened at gym.

So the new trainer introduced himself to me and we shook hands.

New trainer: so are you in high school? College? University?
Me: Erm *hesitate for a few seconds* I am working?
New trainer: *literal jaw drop, lol* Huh? For real? Why appearance is still like a kid?
Me: Hahahahahahah. Excuse me?

This almost exact conversation also happened to me and one gym member there when we shared same equipment.

He was also shocked that I am not a student.

Do I really look that young and cute? Laugh die me.

Lots of love ♥

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