Saturday, March 26, 2016

Satnite with tan jiak ger!

It is still Saturday!? Long weekend is the best!

I can wake up so late and not worried about anything, yay!

And I woke up to find breakfast on my desk:

with several chats from dad that said: "Wake up early and eat the heated breakfast on table! "

Thank you dad! Wo ai ni!

He prepared like 95% carbs and 5% proteins though but I am so happy!

I woke up at around 12PM so I considered these high-carbs meal as my lunch instead of bf. Yay!

Lunch with Running Man! It has been like ages since I watched them. And choked myself a few times, thank you!

Saturday night, Uncle Sea is coming here so dad brings him around to eat well (along with first aunty, her daughter, her husband and little nephew). So I joined them la because I don't like being left alone.

We went to kopitiam restaurant to eat the famous fried duck rice!

I had penang noodle. Not bad la but last time it was so salty! (I don't like salty food) and lychee tea ftw!

The famous fried duck rice! 60k per plate. But seriously it is so fragrant and delicious!

Then after the fancy dinner we all went to visit the newborn baby of cousin sis! Another nephew for me!

Hello Alphonse (Elric)! Take your time growing up okay!

Little nephew is so interested in baby nephew!

Little nephew is so cute! So when we visited baby Alphonse, there were doggies there but they were so scared of visitors. Little nephew was so interested with the doggie so he asked me to carry him to walk closer to doggies.

I never carry toddlers before but since the elders are busy chatting, so I carried him and walked to the doggies.

I never know toddlers are SO HEAVY.

I was trembled carrying him and I was pretty sure it was uncomfortable on his side as well so I dropped him down very very carefully and decided to hold his hand.

But the doggies weren't coming to us so I told him: "guguk takut." (literally means: woofwoof is scared).

He repeated after me so many times (hahah how adorable toddler is!?) and then I carried him back to the room where everyone gathered.

The thing is, I never interact with people much younger than me because I am the second youngest in my generation.

So I didn't know what to do or what to say with little toddlers.

But for some reasons he grows so close to me and always look for me (although he still calls me yi-yi nenen: aunty boobs(?) all the time. Lol)

So I didn't know whether to talk baby with him, or to talk normally, or to "yeah yeah ok" him, or what?

But eventually I can play with him with his toys (which mostly are soft toys? Haha) and tease him with dad also, as his kyu kong (grand-uncle).

So I hope the next time I meet all my nephews and nieces (I have so many of them now, omg) I can play with them and have so much fun.

And on our night family talk together there, I heard a really good news: finally my KPopper sister in law is pregnant! They said after almost 6 years of trying, they finally are going to have their own baby!

I am seriously so happy for her and cousin bro (which was my first boyfriend) since they are going to be blessed with a human. They are so kind and so close with little kids so I am sure the baby is going to be the luckiest baby ever!

Also, the baby is going to be a monkey-year born like me soooo I am going to like him or her so much!

Looking forward to meet you on September or October this year, baby!

And I am so full today, ahhhhhh! Super satisfied!

Certified tan jiak (greedy) ger is happy!

Lots of love ♥


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