Saturday, March 19, 2016

★My first LINE toys☆

You must know how super-popular LINE is.

Around me and all of my friends, LINE is the number one communicating app defeating other famous messenger apps.

Also I prefer LINE to anything else for many reasons.

Although I use LINE daily, I mostly only chat with 3 to 5 people there. I don't chat to too many people every day because it is so frustrating. I am not that sociable as well within group chats, I mostly silent all my group notifications and I contribute almost zero messages in those groups.

You can call me silent reader, but I don't really read as well, so am I ghost participant? Lol.

What makes LINE so approachable is their mascots.

The rabbit satay, grilled bear, beijing duck, tang yue and frog soup mascots?

The family characters which are super cute and popular that LINE makes many short clips about them (check on their YouTube, it is in Japanese but it is easy to understand so go go!)

And ever since I got LINE on my HP and use it (this year marks my third year using LINE) I really really want one particular item from them:

LINE Sally cushion pillow


As I mentioned before, Sally Duck (no I don't hear any complaints) is my favourite character from LINE family because she looks so sassy, tiny and expressionless.

That time LINE held one event that every video call we make, they will send us coupon to win certain items. One period the item was LINE Sally cushion pillow.

I was so excited I made video call so many times for a few days on that period I was sure I annoyed many people. Lol.

I got nothing.

The excitement lasted for a while until I completely forgotten that I wanted these cute LINE stuff for myself.

But then, on Ranger Meow's last visit here two months ago, he brought me all these:

Rabbit satay, Beijing duck, grilled bear, tang yue and frog soup! Yum yum! (?)

LINE toys set?! All of them?!

Another McD's collaboration with famous brands. This time it was LINE.

Why are McD overseas so wonderful? McD here please...

Wait a minute.

If McD here were to follow the trend overseas, I would be broke af spending all my house savings for these irresistible collectibles?

So I guess it is fortunate? Yes yes! But no no!

Cannot decide! Sorry!

After a minute of lazy Google research, I found out that this collaboration happened last year.

Which remind me that he sent me a few pics about these toys that time. I remember I wished that McD x LINE collaboration would come here, but they didn't. Until I completely forget about it.


By the way, during my one minute Google research I found out another McD collectibles set from Hong Kong:

McD nanoblocks!

Wo yao! Hahahahahaha. Another collectibles for me.

If it were to be released here I will definitely eat McD for a month to collect them. Damn crazy my truest inner soul is to waste money, not to save money.

Aha! That's why!

In order to satisfy my truest inner soul that loves to buy toys, I will make sure that I am going to earn much more so that I can both save money for house and toys.


Okay, back to my LINE toys.

Really, never did I think, even once that he got the whole set for me!


I also want McD burgers ma. Never share me.

No matter how shitty it is according to so many people, I always like McD.

I have collected some sets of McD toys as well in the past. Will probably blog about it next time!

Me and daisuki Sally quack quack!

Thank you boy! I love them all so much!

I will treasure them, don't worry!

I will return his kindness in double of course! The good news is that now I start to earn a bit, I can get something better.

If he reads this, he will know.

But I am pretty sure he won't read this because he doesn't know my blog so hahah I don't care. Not so many people I know in real life still read my blog anyway.

Lots of love ♥


  1. your mcdonald collections is admirable! I am jealous!
    I love line too its just in Brunei, we mostly use WhatApps for communicating. me and bestfriend used Line sometimes but not very often. I love their emoticon better than WhatAps's one.
    and sooo nice of him to buy you these collectables!! so lucky!

    1. Hahaha! Ahhh yeah I agree! Whatsapp ones are good, but sometimes there are things I don't want to write, but express, and they don't have the emotes for it :/
      Yes! I sometimes condemn life but I never know how lucky all of us, in our own ways!


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