Sunday, March 13, 2016


Yes yes yeeeaaas I finally started my second and my third, erm...

...stuff? XD

Bought a few metres of satin fabric in various colours which is just perfect. Selected the colours very carefully and I had so much fun buying all these!

I cannot bring myself to type it now. It is either too tacky, too embarrassing, too ridiculous and what a waste of money for myself.

Wanna guess?

Hint: I blogged about this before, this post shall give you a good idea?

Will blog more about this in a few months--faster I hope!? =D


So this weekend what my house went crazy over is the All England Championship match.

My parents are huge fan of badminton matches, they have been following badminton matches probably since they were so young? They remember very clearly several Chinese Indonesian players like Lim SK and Tan JH.

The most spoken badminton players name in house are: Lin Dan, Chen Long, Lim SK, Tan JH, Spanish girl Marin, Susanto, and cute Japanese girls (they really say it that way, lol).

Mum is a fan of Lin because of the most obvious reason (?) haha. I used to look forward looking at Korean players named Lee you know?! That handsome one haha no I'm joking.

But I didn't see him at all during the current All England Championship.

Friday night, I fell asleep quite early after drying my hair only to be woken up at 1:30AM because mum and dad were so noisy in front of TV watching the so-called super exciting badminton matches. I then walked outside my room and took cool water to drink and joined them watching the match for a few mins before going back to sleep.

The next day I then knew that mum actually stayed awake until morning to watch Lin's match. Lol XD

On his second set, mum said that Lin didn't do really well--she said it was a huge gap between Lin and his opponent (something like Lin 7 - opponent 1, then opponent fought back until Lin 7 - opponent 9) so mum was like: "haizzzz what is this" then she changed the channel to midnight movie one.

She was so disappointed she didn't see the end of the match and assumed that he lost.

Only to see today's first AEC final match was Lin D and Tian HW?!

Then I shouted at her: "I thought you said he lost? Why now he is on final match?"

Mum then ran from the room to the front of TV and was stoned: "Huh? But I was pretty sure he was lost?"

Dad then said: "What, you never see the result leh."

Mum: "Huh? Huuuuuuh?"

Then we all watched TV and I kept laughing and we then saw Lin's result from the previous match. So his second set match which mum stopped watching halfway result was: Lin 21 - opponent 9.

Mum was like: "So after the opponent chased the score to 9, then it was all Lin's scores!?!? WHY I NEVER WATCHED IT ARGH"

I laughed at her so loudly for a few mins until she stared at me so scarily. XD

So the final was all China match and although I thought it won't be as interesting but seriously their match was awesome. Lin and Tian were so good, even the noob me can tell. They did super strong swings and hits.

But still, the much-more experienced Lin won the title. Mum is so happy. Lol.

Another interesting match is the double female team. The final is between China and Japan, and dad thought the Japanese girls are pretty cute hahah because the Chinese girls look quite strong and less girly. (Yu and Wang)

Apparently the Japanese girls won the title and I am so happy for them. Because I also think that they are pretty cute (?).

And the match we watched really happily is the double mix match from Indonesia. Dad likes them because they have this 'humble and kind faces' and seriously wants them to win this time.


Apart from the badminton huzz and buzz this week, I went to Magelang for refreshment. Magelang is located slightly further than Borobudur, and it is pretty chill there.

See the mountain!? So chill and pretty.

Magelang foodies~ Not bad.

I am so tired for no reason on weekend. I have no idea why.


Looking forward to fun week ahead! Wish all of you fun week to enjoyy.

Lots of love ♥


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