Friday, March 18, 2016

Finally Friday!

Soooooo, it is Finally Friday!

I think I might start doing this Finally Friday post series, thinking that I only blog on weekends recently.

Had my share of ups and downs, but I am doing well. Not 100% though but still it was great.

Was a bit emotional on some nights, but I kept on telling myself that I only let myself to be emotional and angry only for 9 seconds sharp and after that I will give zero fuck and be a lot happier than before!

Go go, happy girl is cute girl!

This week was so much roller-coaster that it was so exciting. Every night I keep telling myself that I am so lucky to be able to experience all these sort of things.

And I know that being happy is the easiest thing that I can do, so my current struggle is to keep my mind and heart happy all the time. Control anger and bad thoughts, nurture love and kindness.

It is not easy because I am a notorious bad girl but I am trying.

What happened this week:

I start doing multi-projects

Well, the real thing started?

Received my second project earlier this week so I am paralleling between my first ongoing project and this second one.

Sure it has become much more hectic than before, not to mention that I had this one crazy tiny problem I couldn't solve for almost a week. But the good thing is that all my colleagues are so fun to be around, therefore spending 8 hours sitting down in my workstation is not a torture for me.

I am not used of sitting too long so I purposely drink a lot so I can walk to toilet a few times, and actually taking my time inside toilet to scroll timeline and reply messages (?)

And my old friend is joining in the office! She had officially finished her training so she joined me in the very same office and our workstation is so close by!

So happyyy!

Solved my first problem

That one crazy tiny problem I have been facing for almost a week IS finally solved!

I almost reached my limit as I am usually not the type that likes to indulge in one thing for a long time.

Asking colleagues too often also burdens me (although in the beginning of my employment they told me that I asked way too little?) but asking too much is also a bit too much for me.

But this time, I was on my limit so I bugged a few busy people until they brought it to our meeting. I thought that was a bit too much for such a tiny, crazy problem. But being as helpful as they could, I then finally did the last resort: send an email to people overseas to consult them about the problem.

And their reply is super short. And in no time I fix the problem.

Can imagine that feeling? I feel like a kid complaining about something obviously really easy.


It was Adobe Flash problem, by the way. I had zero knowledge in Adobe Flash and at first I think it was fucked up. Flash and Actionscript sound cool and such, but it is way too complex for me that I literally pulled my hair so many times

Actionscript is not bad though (it resembles Java by the way) but the Flash itself is frustrating. I have overcome a lot of things in it, though.

It still feels hard, but I tell myself that Flash is going to be easier each day and I am excited with myself comforting myself! Is it a good thing?

And I am currently so addicted with Ponies thanks to my loads of work with them!

To the extend that I did this:

to my cupboard. XD

Wait, it is not so straight-ly pasted? Fml.

Gigantic Ponies sticker pasted on my cupboard instead of Hello Kitty!? Wow!

(I also own some other Hello Kitty gigantic stickers too okay)

Ponies are so innocent, colourful and collectables!

One aspect that I really looooove: collectables!

It is just like in 2014 when I was completely addicted to Ojamajo Doremi, they are so adorable, colourful and collectable!

Wait, I might add Ponies figure to my wishlist?

(Okay, I have added it on my wishlist!)

Cannot really say I am a big fan because I didn't watch any single episode of Pony but someday, maybe I will?

Merapi Mountain

One morning I was late to work because I couldn't wake up at all (had vigorous gym the night before).

But it all paid up with the view of super clear Merapi Mountain:

This pic is wasted. In real life, the mountain looked super clear and vivid! I was so happy!

I resume my gym evenings

Yes. After another day, I decided to log in my gym membership and continue to have healthy evenings. Surprisingly, the gym place is now much more crowded than before.

Saw a few people I knew from my gym session before, and met many more new members. There is this one kind couple whom I had a few talks to.

So happy to make many new friends!

Miki bath time!

She is so smelly recently so her dad bathed her.

It was so funny when she came to me who was still half-asleep in my bed and dug beside my bed trying to hide.

He had to pull her and carry her like a baby to bathe her.

Hahahaha so funny lah you'll laugh so hard if you were to see the scene!

Miki and her dad trying to dry her with morning sun that was super bright.

Also gave her a good massage. She is really spoilt you know.

Sunset skies this week

Not that many though, but here you are:

Notice that I gradually went home later and later as days went by? Lol.

The missing two evenings were raining, my vision is not good so I didn't take the risk to take pic and drive. :/

So, I wish everyone a good weekend to spend!

Lots of love ♥

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