Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Failed solar eclipse?

Everyone in Indonesia is like so excited with the total solar eclipse that happened this morning.

Jogja didn't get to see the full one (although weather is super good today haha) but we got the crescent one. That is quite pretty as well.

So my body clock has awaken me at 6AM and I walked outside to see the superly bright sun was already up.

Waiting for 5 mins, 10 mins, 20 mins and nothing happened. The TV shows that other cities have started the eclipse but it was still super bright here?

So dad took out a few sunglasses and tried to wear it one by one. Apparently we need special filter to be able to see the eclipse perfectly?

After a few trial and errors, I then could see a bit of the eclipse by using three sunglasses simultaneously. LOL.

But apart from it, my camera couldn't take any eclipse pics.

When this pic was taken, it was supposed to be around 50% covered. But erm, so bright?? LOL.

This one was supposed to be 80% covered?? LOL.

Miki was so cute! It seemed like she understood what was happening. She sat outside the house without anyone telling her to and looked at the sun with squinting eyes.

So cute hahah! *squeeze*

Why still so bright?!

"What kind of eclipse is this? Like no difference than the usual morning. What are the huss and buss for? Hais."

You need special filter to see it, girl.

Gave up and decided to watch it on TV before going back to sleep, it is a day off anyway =D

Lots of love ♥


  1. Wow, that's a great shot of the solar eclipse!!! How nicee!
    I woke up at around 7.20 AM today, but didn't see anything. Or perhaps I did saw the solar eclipse, but it didn't look so different than the usual morning, only much, much silau-er (?)
    And it's so cute how your dog's with you watching the solar eclipse XD

    1. Hahahah. I saw many other much greater shots. Mine barely say eclipse at all =/
      Yeah it wasnt obvious here in Java. Hahahaha. And agree, it feels much silau-er than usual, Idk why?

      Hahahaha it was weird, she looked at the sky for a while as well although I never told her that there is eclipse that time.


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