Sunday, March 27, 2016

Do you like highland?

It is almost a ritual that when Uncle Sea comes here, we all would have a few holidays all so sudden.

So this time, Uncle Sea requested us to go north. So cousin bro in law drove all of us to Magelang.


I went there like two weeks ago hahaha but going with more people is surely more fun!

So I believe the following pic would remind you, that I ate this thing like not so long ago:

Yes. I ate this again.

It is good, but I prefer Trubus more.

We all like ordered so many small foods there but since we ordered so many, we still got so full and felt all satisfied.

Cousin bro in law then drove us much much further to the highland. I believe it is called Kopeng Highland.

It was slightly raining there so it got a few times cooler than usual. I don't like cool weather so I regretted wearing shorts and slippers.

As you would have been familiar with, going to highland with Uncle Sea means we are going to buy potted plants and flowers.

And we bought a few potted flowers again this time!

The thing I like from highland is that the flowers grow really beautiful! I know flowers grow better in highlands than in hot weather, so seeing all of them makes me so happy!

But I still prefer animals than plants.

Dare to mention their names one by one?

Sometimes we passed over flower shop which the owners really got a good sense of art that they arranged the flowers according to the colours, beautifully!

Weather was not too good, it was a few times cooler than usual, I bet. I was freezing!

Would love to see this in my house! Only, I don't have much space, and it is extremely hot in Jogja now.

Love this pic because there is no people. It feels like it is staged. It is not.

Highland typical #1: huge trees. They added creepy taste and made weather somewhat cooler, in some ways. I believe it is because they slightly blocked sunlight.

Although it was super cloudy.

One of the potted flower Uncle Sea bought: Bleeding Heart.

It is my first time seeing Bleeding Heart flowers. Their colours are so pretty! Also pay attention at the tragic name.

Why Bleeding Heart?

Why so emo?

Highland typical #2: horses.

Do you like horse? I like them!

I probably associate it with my feeling to Ponyta (don't worry, it is only a horse Pokemon).

And there you are, Ponytas!

No, they are horses and not ponies!

Lots of love ♥


  1. those flowers are so pretty!!
    flowers are blooming in Brunei too at the moment. but this week i see some of them started to fall already. i feel sad coz I only see them bloom for a week.
    Bleeding Heart? why so emo.. hahah but its still so pretty.
    I love horses too but i have never been so close to one. :S

    1. Yes! And the weather is so chill it was literally so perfect.
      Nothing grows here at the moment. The weather is very extreme :(
      Hahahah. Horses are both scary and pretty. You know. They can be a bit smelly sometimes but they are gorgeous!


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