Friday, March 25, 2016

10+ years of friendship!

Long weekend, guys! Something I really wait for since Monday.

Great that it is finally here!


On Friday I met up with my 10+year ago best classmates at mall for a very sudden plan!

Pic belongs to my friend. I didn't bring Ginny it sucked. :/

Like people said, long-term plans won't work and last-minute plans will always do.

We spent like half a day chatting and gossiping about so many things, with a glass of lemonade! #cheapskate

It was weird. Five of us (one is absent, haiz!) were very close during our second year in school and I remembered on my third year I was close with another friend.

Which ironically, we haven't talked to each other at all since graduation.

We started our hang-out by exchanging news of each other, what are we currently doing, how are we doing and yadda yadda empty talks.

I then started the topic of cosplay and since we went to a cosplay event many years ago, we kinda had something connected between us and the cosplay topic was welcomed very nicely.

(When I first started my cosplay two years ago, I also tagged them right away on my pic. So shameless? Lol.)

I thought it was going to be so hard to initiate my second cosplay but they helped me right away with a lot of resources, some are even free!

I don't know friends and networks are so useful!

Really really grateful to be able to meet all of my friends!

And lastly, and the most enthusiastically talked: gossiping about our old friends!

The gossip consists of:
◆ A few of our friends got pregnant by accident. Oops
◆ Many of our friends are married because of accident. Oops #2
◆ Many of our friends are engaged.
◆ Many of our friends are married.

Then I flipped the table and actually spoke so loud "Why are they so in a hurry!?"

We then gathered some surprising reasons:
◆ It was an accident. Oops #3
◆ The guy (or the girl, or both of them) want to do, erm, stuff, legally.
◆ Some dark magic involved (?)
◆ Arranged marriage, or marriage by business.

Which surprisingly, we didn't even mention the "readiness and love" kind of reasons at all. Oh my god.

I concluded by myself that many of my friends got married so early because of reasons above, as far as we could conclude that afternoon.

Probably it is quite different from what I have in my mind so I think they are pretty absurd for getting married very very quickly.

As for myself, I believe the knot and commitment thing is important but I also think it is not something to be recklessly decided in a very short time.

I opt out shotgun marriage for the following reasoning.

I am monogamous, and this is one of my firmest principle I hold in my life.

It might sound that I am so difficult to approach and I am so old-fashioned but I cannot tolerate affairs. I have asked myself so many times about things that I cannot forgive, liars and cheaters always pop in my mind very quickly.

Anyway, as tense as how I sound (be it so difficult or old-fashioned) I don't rush in important things that need a lot of thoughts and considerations, such as marriage. I believe we all can take our longest (well, I set limits though) time to actually settle down to all of these commitment things. It is not a matter of joke, it is not a matter of a year, or two, or five.

Having a complete non-family person for you to commit loving, spending most of your days, being there for each other and getting couple privileges together, forever is not something that can be decided for a month or two. Or a year.

No, seriously I get crazy at how so many of my friends can decide so quickly on this thing. I would take much more time to think.

And I wonder that I am not too old for thinking like this, right?

So, hearing the news that many of my friends are already married (for any reasons) shocks me. It was real.

It is going to be my turn soon?

I am still thinking that I am still a kid. A student. I have grown out all of these student statuses!


But anyway, it was so good to catch up with many hot news from my friends. I barely active on any group chats or social networks so I gained so much juicy gossips from them!

And realising how different our approaches now (we only worried about homeworks, hiding adult comic books and cosplays back then, we worry about marriage now), it makes me start to think seriously about what I want and need to do in my life.

But seriously, I keep telling myself: Enjoy today, have lots of fun, and be kind to everyone! Eventually everything will fall on its best place.

Lots of love ♥


  1. true. you shouldn't rush marriage.
    or you shouldn't be sorry for not rushing marriage either.
    do things at your own time and pace.
    like you said, everything will fall at its rightful place.

    1. Agree with this! Although I can start to hear my mum nags every now and then. And I am still 23! >.<


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