Saturday, February 6, 2016

Viewing sunrise at Borobudur.

There is something within us that gets excited when we get the chance to view how nature changes, before our eyes.

When you are having your cultural (and super cheap) holiday in Jogja, make sure you don't miss the chance to witness the magic sunrise on the top of Borobudur Temple!

I was so lucky to be able to experience in witnessing this one of the most breathtaking view in the world!

Borobudur is very easy to reach from Jogja. You can drive or rent a car to get there (for around 500k, more or less) although I am expecting them to charge you extra 100k to 200k more to drive you to Borobudur at midnight to catch the sunrise.

As for me, I went to see the sunrise with Ranger Meow, thinking that this is one good chance! We left city at three in the morning (almost one hour late from our planned time: 2+AM) because I was a bit overslept. We drove to the north-west, to Borobudur direction to catch sunrise.

It was my first experience (I think?) to drive inter-city at such hour and I was exhausted since I was overslept; so I drove super slowly. Like around 30 to 40 KM/H.

Ranger Meow boy kept on nagging at me that we might be late catching the sunrise and he insisted to take over the drive seat. I refused at first because I wanted to have another achievement to drive far in the darkness at midnight (siao liao how jiao ao I am?) but I was also struggling to stay alert on the super dark road and also to catch up with the sunrise.

I couldn't tahan it after a few KMs so we changed seat; and he stepped on the pedal just nicely anddddddd we reached in less than an hour.

Hahaha. I was extremely ashamed. But it didn't last even a minute; I mean my embarassment.

We reached just a few minutes before 4AM. I lowered the car window and looked at the sky: and oh my goodness! You wouldn't believe what kind of sky I saw on that day!

It wasn't like those night sky pics with river of stars, but it was definitely superrrrr starry! I found my favourite kite sky and I thought I noticed one or two planets which are supposed to be visible these few days!

I felt superrrrr happy that I shouted things out loud so many times on the car window while Ranger Meow was looking for the parking spot: "look at those pretty stars! Look! Look! Soooooo pretty! I like! Look! Look! Mite! Mite! Look! Look! Happy die me!".

I sound super norak? I won't apologise.

Late night driving out always makes me happy. One of the best late night driving out I had was in Singapore on my first time going there, after a midnight movie Ranger Meow treated me--which now I realise it probably is more than late night driving out who makes me so happy.

The stars, the yellow road lamps, the creep and the quietness. And this Ranger Meow boy.

Call me corny now. I cannot say any of these words verbally. You will only find me corny here in this blog and nowhere else. Lol.

Reached the hotel inside Borobudur to purchase the sunrise tickets we were super kancheong because it was foreigners all around us.

You know how that feels to be surrounded by foreigners?

But eventually I managed to talk bravely to the people selling the tickets and was able to get both of us two nice sunrise tickets.

Borobudur Sunrise tickets as per January 2016:

Local tourists: 270,000 IDR per person
Foreigner tourists: 400,000 IDR per person

What we get: a map, a flashlight, complimentary snacks (after sunrise, before 9AM), and a souvenir.

Then we got to find our way to the top of the temple to secure a spot to catch the sunrise.

Getting into the top of Borobudur to watch sunrise is tricky. Only one hotel inside Borobudur sells the tickets (it is called Manohara Hotel) and nowhere else sells the tickets. So people better do lots of researches before going there or it all would go to a waste.

The road up high there was not too far, but it was high. I got to be extremely careful as I had myself my own bag, flashlight, camera, map and I don't know any stuff I had on my hands. I also have this huge trauma with falling down on stairs so climbing stairs scares me so much.

Moreover, I was not alone. I hate being alone hah.

To catch sunrise we need to climb to the top of Borobudur temple. It was dark but the path was easy to recognise. Our visit was on Friday since I thought I would avoid weekend and surprisingly there were so many tourists had the same thought as me.

Ginny--my camera--was not able to take any pics in darkness so regretfully I have ZERO pics before sunrise. Ranger Meow took so many awesome pics before sunrise though but since I lacked of technology I could only regret it inside me D:

This is the best starry sky pic I could took. How sad?!

The hotel area. It was nice! Five-star hotel I assume?

And the path to the top of the temple. So dark and exciting?! (I have this attraction with dark, mysterious and horror things okays)

Introduction monument which I didn't usually bother to read. I am that type of person.

We then climbed up slowly since we went pass by a few checkpoints by real policemen. The security was really tight and surprisingly it made me super calm!

During our way up slowly, a chinese girl approached me (it seemed so? I couldn't see anything in the darkness okay) and asked me: 你是中国人吗? I was very surprised since I think this is the first time people really asked me that question; talking about the irony, lol. Holding the domestic ticket in my hand, I answered: 不是,我住在这里。 And she smiled at me, nodded (it seemed so) and I waved back and quickly resumed to my focus to climb safely.

It was real dark, but as sunrise was approaching, we all tried to secure the best spot to watch it well.

As the sunrise approaching, I thought I could sit back and relax and watch it. But I couldn't. I walked around so often that I even annoyed myself. Hahah.

The sunrise wasn't too pretty because there was way too much clouds on that morning. With green tourist boy hand appearance.

Decided to switch on the HRD ART effect on Ginny and the results are awesomeeeee!

Compared with this normal HD mode, which one is better?

Pretty sunbeams touched this green tourist boy hand, which appeared again on my pic.

If you look at it longer and longer, you'll feel the magic of Borobudur.

This is my third visit here but this last one was the most magical to me. I felt so pure up there; yeah I admit I am a sinner. 

You see how gorgeous it is for the sunlight full of Vitamin D touching all of us, and the holy temples. Giving us nutritions and happiness.

The view from the other side of me--so happy to see all these tourists enjoy the view. The angmo girl was even absorbing the purity around her. So magical!

Unforgettable experience!

I wish to look for another viewing sunrise spot and be able to experience the same thing, again!

Lots of love ♥

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