Saturday, February 27, 2016

Throwback: Early uni days.

I accidentally found several pics that was taken during my first year in University; which I want to post it here because I don't want to lose it again.

These were buried deeeep deeeep down into my folders, subfolders, subfolders, subfolders yeah I have no idea how many levels were these buried. I have this bad habit of keeping my local drives extremely messy that it is so hard for people to find certain pics I consider personal.

The problem is, I also have a hard time myself trying to find certain pics, and I will always get these unexpected findings every now and then.

My god. I took this kind of pic hahah.

Pic above is the unposted pic from this post.

Did I photoshop this pic previously? I was pretty sure I wasn't this slim omg.

At Puncak, very cool there therefore my baggy pants was so baggy. =X

Was this pic from our VERY FIRST visit to Central Park!? I guess! Hahah. Damn buay paiseh.

Pics above are the unposted pics from this post.

Remember, remember.. Where was this..?

Pics above were taken at Grand Indonesia! Date: February 10 2012. (Thanks to the filename. Lol)

I remember went there with my BFF which is going overseas soon. I don't know when can I meet her again? =(

Pics above are the unposted pics from this post.

BFF and me ♥

Pic was taken on March 19, 2012. There is no corresponding post for this pic--which I am very sad to know that I never blogged about this pic hais.

There was some Japanese booth at Uni, in my second semester. It was our friend who was working on it, so we wanted to cheer the situation and let them applied yukata on us and took pic of us.

I didn't know I look pretty good in yukata? XD

Oh my gosh, all these throwback things bring me so much memories! Also it makes me realise how cruel time is, it flies so fast without taking a break! Omona.

Lots of love ♥

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