Sunday, February 21, 2016

Throwback: Carita 2014.

I found another set of pics I never published on their particular blog post.

This post is related with this post in summer 2014; when I had my quality time with family!

Carita Beach

Carita Beach can be reached from Jakarta for around two to three hours? I can't remember.

Read most of the story here.

Bought myself colourful sarong, and I think I lost it D:

Iscream + beach = perfect summer.

Picnic day at beach while it was super duper hot!

Doggie and her owners! Omg I love doggies~

I acted cute and acted surfing. But nah, I didn't even take one step on the sea because I had zero intention in getting wet.

Bought these cute little creatures (screw me I don't know what are they called hahah) to release all of them away.

They look a bit scary, but they are so adorable!


Releaseee~ them away!

And pics pics pics. I was tired.

Act Asian. But we are Asian?

Blurry pic at home I really like because sis looked so slim here. Hahah. =X

Lots of love ♥


  1. I thought you got the shell crabs thing from the beach. you bought them? how much were they? and how come they have different colors?
    hahah sorry lots of questions. :P

    nice of you to share these pics. I took a lot of pictures too but often i ended up not posting them up

    1. Lol yeah! Bad people sell them for I think $0.5 per container which had a few of these little crabbies (Idk what are they called?). Hahahaha. And the colours I think is their natural colours. I feel so bad for them so I bought them and released them back? XD

      Hahahah. Me too, hence, many throwback posts I post recently, full of old pics I never post.

  2. Beautiful weather and beautiful blog :) I follow you now!

    Aimie from Aimie Diaries


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