Saturday, February 20, 2016

Throwback: Borobudur 2012.

This was supposed to be posted in 2012.

Because the photos were taken on mum's camera so I haven't gotten the chance to blog about this trip, not until just now when I played with her camera and saw my old photos there!!

Okay *sigh*

So, apart of my recent trip to Borobudur, I also previously have gone there, urm, twice?

The first visit was, oh my I don't even remember. Probably it was still on the 20th century? I remember haven't spoken Indonesian very well that time, so it must be in 90 something.

Then, my second visit was four years ago, almost exactly, heh! It was in February 2012, right after my first semester holiday.

My pre-Uni best friend came with me to Jogja so I hosted her for a few nights at my house. And surely, for Jogja first time visitors, we all have to go to Borobudur.

It is an extremely large Buddhist temple, after all.

Far view. Omg look at those crowds. *vomit*

This is me four years ago. I look soulless, and a bit thinner? Hahah I wanna cry already.

We acted cute, okay?

It was those times when I still hated smiling at camera.

My pre-Uni best friend and me! It has been years since I saw her, she must be overseas by now. I kinda miss her okay!

What was wrong with me opening my legs so wide like that omg.

Nevertheless, Borobudur will always amaze me no matter how many times I visit it there.

Seriously I gotta say this again but I miss her so much.

Crazy sis. I felt like kicking her back. Lol.

Lots of love ♥

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