Monday, February 1, 2016

They say I am uber clumsy.

I have been living my life being called clumsy by almost everyone.

Wait, remove that 'almost' word, literally everyone has called me clumsy at least once.

Being called clumsy doesn't disturb me although it doesn't make me happy either. I have always been trying to live a girly life, enchanting, flowing and smooth.

I am not tomboy but I am nowhere nearby that descriptions above.

I have short legs; one of my complex I always make fun of. I have unflattering fingers and this is one reason I always have humble finger nails--I don't do manicure. I have wide face and I am forever monolid.

The highlight is I am extremely clumsy. And recently I realised that I got worsened, like duh.

I knocked over everything, I tripped over anything, I tumbled here and there, I dropped stuff and I kept losing things which I am very surprised I haven't lost myself even once.

The worst happened a few days ago. I was excitedly taking a bath on a bath tub when I couldn't remember why I knocked my forehead on the tap.

I tried to hold my pain and screamed as little as possible but I thought it was pretty scary since I shivered my spine.

It didn't leave any bruise mark so eventually I forgot about it, but just a few moments ago when I was rubbing my forehead due to migraines, I could feel the pain feeling I have on the exact spot on my forehead which I hit myself on bath tub tap a few days ago.

Super lucky I never leave bruise mark on my forehead because how would I explain what had happened to people? Lol.

Only a minute after I hit my forehead on the bath tub that day, I vigorously hit my right knee super painfully. I was hit by the exact same bath tub tap.

Laugh die me. Eh, wait. Laugh at me!

Slipped a bit and screamed, I couldn't understand why I kept on knocking things. Tears should be flowing but since I was taking a bath then I guess the tears were perfectly camouflaged.

But this time I knew it was 'great' since I could see the kiss mark by that act innocent bath tub tap extremely greatly, which got worsened each day:

My knee blushed she is shy! Aww.

Makes me extremely shy to go around with shorts--while my one and only jeans I own now is currently wet. Argh! 

I wish to invent a cure to clumsiness someday.

Lots of love ♥

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