Thursday, February 4, 2016

Super-lucky holiday!

Had an unplannedly planned holiday with Ranger Meow last week.

The holiday was planned for quite a few months ago, but it wasn't really planned well since to be very honest I didn't want to have this holiday at first--I was extremely pissed off for quite a while.

But as time went by I got so excited that I started to make a lot of plans. Weird me.

I did make a few itinerary sets which I stupidly didn't dare to show because of unnecessary embarrassment--what the hell?--but the holiday went well.

Trust me.

In fact, I was super grateful because it was my luckiest holiday ever; because way too many good things happened during the holiday! More explanation below

It was raining almost daily every evening here on January so I was prepared for the worst. Some huge plans including catching for sunrise and walking around the tourist spot were feared to be cancelled due to the horrible weather here.

But on the holiday, it was greatly sunny during the day and just slightly rain at night, made things went smoothly!

Happy die me!

It was raining only on the last night of the holiday probably because I was too sad the holiday was over. Lol.

So, here are some highlights of my first holiday of this year and a super lucky one:

Catching sunrise

My biggest regret is that I never took my powerful yellow camera with me (it is left alone in Jakarta omg!) so I didn't took awesome sky pics as I should have been able to.

But trust me, this catching sunrise experience is really really unforgettable!

Read more: here.

Culture immersing

We went to Buddhist temple Borobudur and Hindu temple Prambanan. Both are majestic works done by human in the past.

Buddhist temple Borobudur:

and Hindu temple Prambanan:

Read more: here.

Eat eat and eat

Sadly, I didn't take many pics in foods because I normally take pic with HP; but since HP camera is spoilt since I upgraded to Lollipop so I now only take pic with Ginny.

And since Ginny had no battery, therefore only a bunch of nice food pics were taken.

Local foodies!

This restaurant is placed just right on the opposite of my high school so I know this restaurant really well. But ironically this was my first time going in.

The food was nice and affordable, and what made me the happiest is the coconut ice! SUPERRRRRR HUGE!

Sushi tei after catching sunrise!

I was feeling super unwell after whole night and morning catching sunrise so I had almost zero appetite here.

Also, I was not really convinced but was my seafood allergy returned?!

I had horrible rashes on both of my legs and those were extremely itchy like half a day after I ate these yummy seafood wtf.. I wonder was it because of the tako legs I ate?

Anyway, it was not a big deal. Only some ugliness on my legs. It will be gone in a few days.

Huge iscream crepe Ranger Meow craved. This was the only pic I took with HDR ART mode switched on. I wanted to take the pic with normal mode but Ginny wouldn't want to start--that I literally screamed inside the mall seeing my Ginny said "Battery is low" and died on me. Lol.

And nice sunset we caught from a shitty iscream restaurant.

Swim and swim

Worse, zero pic here because none of my gadgets are water-proof and I didn't want the risk to lose them.

We went swimming for two days straight; and since we went swimming at night after we finished all things we wanted to do (shopping and eating) so it was at the most exhausted time that we went swimming.

Me, especially, turned moody when I was very tired. Went swimming really relaxed my body since I super love swimming. And the best thing is that the water was super warm! Happy die me!

There was a fun Jacuzzi in the corner of the pool so we played there for a while. I love Jacuzzi! I love swimming pool! I love bubbles! I love bouncy things!

Hahah it became weirder and weirder. So I'll stop.

But seriously, that we went swimming twice made me superrrrr happy!

And here are some highlights why I keep mentioning it being super lucky:

Sunny days

The first three week of January were filled with rains. And just nice, on the week of our planned holiday, it was nicely sunny! Only the last night rain came to us and probably it was because I was sad that the holiday was over? Hahah. Sky truly blessed Ranger Meow and our holiday lah!

Never got lost

We were 99% able to find the way without GPS. Thanks to me knowing the route around here well and although I took some of the worst routes possible (the furthest, or the hardest) but we managed to reach all destinations safely and soundly.

Last and the hugest; I was invited for a four-week session of training!

It might not be related, but it is a nice thought to think that Ranger Meow holiday and me finally received the important call that invited me to join a four-week session of training in an IT Entertainment Company is related. Seriously, I couldn't stop thinking that this Ranger Meow boy brought me so much luck that I literally started my training days only one day after the holiday is over.

So really, really, although I never say this out loud, inside my heart and my prayers I feel really, really, really grateful for all of these things that I have.

Seriously, cannot stop thinking about this.

I feel so lucky, I feel extremely blessed and I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who is very kind to me.

I am glad that I enjoyed my first holiday this year--and also having so much luck from it as well. I might complain a lot, but I will do lesser in the future, because I just realised how amazingly blessed I am in my life!

I will make sure to tell everyone that we will all be happy, as happy as I am to know that I am very blessed back then, now and far in the future!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And for Ranger Meow, although you never read this (and you'll probably be annoyed by me saying all these things) you are one of my super awesome best friend, brother and rabu-rabu I ever meet! I'll make sure we gonna enjoy so much more things in the future.

Thank you, again! Woof and meow!

Lots of love ♥


  1. cool pics!

  2. ok,
    1. I'm so jeles of you and your holidays. I haven't had proper rest since the beginning of 2016. but we have a long weekend ahead (plus 8th Feb also publice holiday here for Chinese New Year) so, I should catch up with my sleep then xD
    2. I kept thinking (from seeing all your lovely photos) how nice it is that you can go sight seeing in your own country! I mean, Brunei have a lot to see but we're pretty small and I already see all :S.
    3. All the best with your training! make the most of it!

    1. Heh! You deserve your holiday~ Looking forward the story of your 2016 trip okayyyy! LOL! I also catch up with my sleep since I know I won't be having a good one in the near future XD
      Hahah~ I am sure Brunei is awesome! Take me go around there someday k! And if you ever stop by here just send me a msg on LP and I'll drive you aroundddd~~
      I will do my best! Thank you for all the support all this time! *huggggggs*


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