Sunday, February 28, 2016

Life updates #8

So I got myself a new routine on weekdays, and I earn from it.

The breakdown consists of mostly: playing games, taking notes and playing more games. There are few minor things I take care of and such but I don't list it here, erm, because that is minor?

And no it doesn't sound as fun as it sounds.

So I have finished my training in like, one week earlier? I think so.

Yeah, I am currently gogo gaga over Pripara! =D

My workstation grew smaller, or at least I think so? No more room to put toys and happiness (?).

One random morning, about one week before my scheduled-to-be-finished training day, my trainer all so sudden came to me and said: "Ok from today onwards you are joining the team since the training is done."

I was like: "Why? No more training materials to do?"

"Nope, you can enter the project starting from today and producer will now guide you instead."

I wasn't ready for my first day of working on the actual stuff before my producer brought me to a meeting room to give me initial briefing of the project.

I was like, whaaaaat? I am actually starting today?

Uh, okay. It makes no difference to start today or next week anyway.

Then I start to copy the whole project materials into my local drive, which took me more than 24 hours (had to leave PC on overnight and I felt so bad about poor PC).

I still had the barest idea about migrating project materials to my local drive, that when I noticed I migrated a few extra unused materials, I deleted it right away to keep my PC light.

Few hours later I got warning email from an angmo-soundlike name that told me that deleting files from server without notification was a bad practice and I was advised not to do it again.

All I did was deleting extra migrated files on my local drive but I had completely zero idea that it would delete the original files on the server as well. I had zero idea how this migrating files worked.

But my producer (who also got the warning email sent to me because she was CC-ed) didn't come to me at all, not to mention scolding me or whatsoever. Also my supervisor.

I didn't know why. This mistake seemed just so fatal but nobody came to me and lectured me.

Trust me, making huge mistakes on the second day of joining the team felt so horrible that I don't feel like talking about it to anybody. At all, no exception.

My parents don't even know this at all. They just know I slept longer than usual on Saturday and I didn't go to gym (again).

And I promise myself to be a few lever higher of being careful and hope for tomorrow and onwards not to do such careless things again.

Even typing this makes me feel so miserable. Hais.


Apart from it, I actually really enjoyed the training session!

For the first time, I learned Actionscript.

So, hello again writing-program activity! It appears that I can never be separated for too long with programming.

Actionscript is completely new for me, so I was learning completely from zero. Fortunately the syntaxes are pretty similar with Java and C#, so I advanced myself quite progressively.

I was never an expert in programming, since I only learned it in my first few semesters in University. But then, there is something in programming that I really like: exploring how things work and finding out why certain things don't. It used to frustrate me so much but now as I see it from a different perspective, programming is actually fun!

Is it only me?

But actually ever since I was in University, my friend always told me I am suitable to be in programming. Although I never really say that I like programming.

So confusing. Paradox of my dilemma.

I cannot say that I like programming, reason is because I am scared I won't be competent enough to write more complex programs. But I really enjoy writing programs, which explains my seven years and counting passion in web-programming.

Weiiiiird? Yeah!


The best thing about all of those things above: I recently get to see super beautiful sunsets every breaking dusk on my way home!

Yeah, the branch I am permanently placed now is quite far from my house that it requires me to drive for fastest 10 minutes; and while I am caught in the evening rush hour, I always get to see the powdery pink and orange sunset skies!

I wanted to capture the amazingly shiny clouds here, but it doesn't appear in the pic.

The banner covered the powdery pink and orange sky! Rawr.

The banner still covered the powdery pink and orange, unless this time I got to see more! And also notice the transitioning traffic light from red to green? Happened to capture it transitioning! Yay!

Which I notice that if I go home at around 6PM every time, I will always get to see the prettiest sunset sky!

Sunset remains my all-time favourite. And I wish to capture more of these pretty sunset skies in the future. Yay, something fun to do in between my very tiring days of my first, erm, project.

But apart of all things above I really enjoy working in the project with my team. Colleagues are all nice to me and I hope that I will be able to contribute more to them. Increase the value of my work first and I will learn how to work smart meanwhile.

Many thank you for all my forever supporters that send me sincere supports no matter what happen to me (the yay moments and the seriously fucked up moments) and without all of your supports I don't know how to face all these things.

Looking forward for exciting things I am going to learn in the future!

Lots of love ♥

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