Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Monkey Year!

It is my third monkey year in my life!

I am so old!? =O

As a monkey-year born, I am ready to face all the scary superstitious beliefs I am going to read and hear. I will stay happy and positive no matter what happens. I will do my best!

Besides, I cannot really believe scary superstitious beliefs now. I start to think that it becomes lesser accurate as I grow older--I am taught not to fully believe in such things.

My last year fortune read said that monkey-year born would be super lucky--but it was a rough year for me in almost all aspects; for real.

I am glad it ended to be very honest.

So I guess only ourselves define our destiny and star constellations and beliefs would only be initial aspects. The rest of the conditions are fully determined by how we live our life, how we select our choices and how we face every situation given to us.

Am I right?

However, my parents still do some precautions for me. They asked me to wear my gold earrings again--which I haven't done it--and they specially bought me a dozen of super bright and tacky bloody-red panties!


Super grateful for the nice new panties but those are so tacky I really don't want people to see them at all. Hahah.

Thanks lovely parents!

And no. You won't see any pic of my super bright and tacky red panties here. You won't see it anywhere as well.

So my Lunar New Year celebration started yesterday on sa cap me.

It was my very first time to do 辞年 (saying farewell to the end of the year) at mum's place. This seriously saddened me as every year, it was always ahma who did all of these sacrifices.

And now I do it for her.

Seriously. I miss ahma I feel like crying every time I am reminded of her. She was the best thing I ever had. We all love our grandmas, right?

So I drove to her house early on the sa cap me morning (the last day of the year) with mum and sis. We prepared for the offering and burnt incense.

I did my prayer very very long, said all things I have always been wanting to say to her directly on my mind. Seriously I still cannot believe I cannot see her anymore here.

Okay, and enough for the sad things!

After we finished the prayer and burnt only some billions to heaven (LOL) we then drove back home slowly. It was raining so hard and my vision was extremely blurred so it took me around 3 hours to reach home--while usually it was covered within one hour.

Oh, and by the way, I did a huge chop on my hair after 9 months of keeping it:

Hello medium length hair!

I was over-reacting by telling everyone I now have super short hair. But seriously this is the shortest length I have always been having since last year after I had the huge chop. But no regret, I feel so happy chopping my hair this~ much because all the spoilt hair was taken away and now my hair is super easy to wash plus super fast to dry without hair-dryer!

So it is a win win situation! Happy!

Had a simple sa cap me dinner for five of us and no reunion dinner with big family since most of them are out of town at the moment--gathering with the other side of the family.

The dishes were awesome and sadly I didn't take any pic because I just had my nap before mum shouted at me to join on the dining table only two mins after I regained consciousness.

I had no time to prepare Ginny as I was eating right away after I woke up. So no Lunar New Year Eve dinner pic. Hahah.

Lunar New Year!

Woke up later than usual (8AM+) then kiong hee-d dad and mum. Also kiong hee-d sister Miki hahah! Piggy sis was still sleeping so I had my CNY meesua by myself.

Was super starving so I forgot to get Ginny with me--no pic. Hah.

Spent whole afternoon trying to go to some places we planned to spend our day--but most of them were super crowded that we gave up and we went back home without doing anything. Hahahaha so fun!

I had my short nap afterwards and late afternoon we drove to the local cemetery to visit ahgong ahma from dad's side--since we already bai bai to ahgong ahma from mum's side on sa cap me.

I didn't really want four of us to wear all red because it would look super tacky and lame so I decided to wear pink and dad decided to wear green; although mum and sis still wore red.

Burning so much money because we are super rich. We burnt about 200 billion. LOL.

And on our way back, I got to see this pretty pink sunset! So lovely!

I wish everyone a blessed year ahead, full of opportunities and happiness, and health to enjoy everything!

Ohhhh, last but not least:

Finally~ Physical angpao after so many years! Thank you dadd~!

Although sadly this year I only got one D: most of my relatives are out of town and overseas during CNY and no more ahma to give me angpao.

But it doesn't matter because dad gave me SUPER THICK angpao! Was very surprised to see SO MUCH RED COLOURED MONEY PAPER inside ahhhhh *kiss dad*

I then asked dad to transfer the angpao amount to my bank account instead because I need it to buy something online. Hahahaha.

Seriously, any amount of angpao is perfectly fine for me! It doesn't really matter, as long as all of us are happy and healthy.


Lots of love ♥

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