Wednesday, February 10, 2016

First step?

Guess what happened on the last week of this struggling and hard goat year?

I started my first step of career in the IT Entertainment.

It never even once crossed my mind that I would do something in entertainment field. Like, for the realest real.

I know I am making no sense here.

I know that drawing and designing has been a huge part in my life. It is one thing I am willing to skip sleep happily to divulge myself into. It is my passion and it is what I love. It is how I enjoy my days.

But to actually do it for people? This is my first time.

Entertainment field has never fascinated me before. I have always thought to start my career somewhere around what-I-studied field, which is system business analyst and IT, or in SAP--which I spent lots of money and time learning it well.

This field was what I spent four years learning the hard way, thinking that someday I would be able to put my knowledge and skill in real life.

Hard to say this but I got to realise that I have taken an extremely huge direction changing. I am now divulging myself in the IT Entertainment field.

There won't be routine post about it (just like what I did on my internship days) because the company policy about keeping its works confidential is extremely strict.

But to let you know, it is the first time I do something people told me. It feels like my daily entertainment are now really demanded to produce some results for people.

A lot of people.

Millions and millions of them. And they are people who most likely are young and immature who demand perfection.

By the way, do you get the idea what am I doing?

I wonder whether this will change how I feel toward drawing.

But the thing is, I won't draw.

Yeah, you read it right.

I don't draw, I won't draw and I am really happy because of that.


If you remember, I used to say that I love to draw, but I won't be able to draw by requests. So I feel extremely happy and lucky to know that I am not going to draw even a single drawing here.

Although my initial title is "designer", my role is just like mini-producer or producer assistant. And that is ain't initial level, this scares me so much that for a fresh graduate, I am about to fill in a position which holds huge responsibilities.

That is at least what my designer lead told me.

To make long story short, I am going to help the programmers and the artists cooperate together based on the company standard and demand.

Although for now I am going to be assigned for four-week training sessions, or 20-days training sessions. Yep yep.

I look forward to this so much! I want to learn what am I actually going to do here.

I think on my first time knowing my job desk: "I have blur idea what I am going to do but it really sounds so challenging!".

I forced the reason a bit, to be honest. It is more like 45% scared and 45% blur. And another 10% consists of: joy, excited, nervous, tired and tons of other emotions which are hard to write.

So, sayonara hard and struggling goat year full of things I would love to leave behind. I'm preparing myself to start this monkey year with, erm, harder work than ever!

And happier!

And, more mature?

And, more more money definitely!

This monkey is excited to see what her year will bring her!

Lots of love ♥


  1. The mug is so cute!!!
    And congrats on getting a job at the game dev company!! It'll surely be a fun job!
    Don't worry about it! You'll definitely become even mature because of those responsibilities. Glad you actually feel excited about your new job though XD
    Hoping to see some new games from the devs soon! XD

    1. Hahahahahh thank you! Also thank you for all of your supports okayy~?!
      I am getting both excited and scared, but I hope to do my best. And suuuure I will tell you when my team is going to release Android games (we are currently doing Windows tho).


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