Thursday, February 11, 2016

Emoji and me★

Emoji is not something unfamiliar to most of us actually.

Even if you are reading this, I can guarantee that you have used at least a couple of emojis in your life?

I love emojis (who doesn't? Oh well I know who actually) because I am the type of person that often shows what I want to express visually.

If you have known me for quite a while, (I am so ashamed to say this but I have to) you know that I do lots of gestures. Excessively a lot, I should admit.

It is because I always think in pictures. I am a completely right-brainy girl, you get it right!

I love thinking so much, I love daydreaming so much that almost all of my sisters have at least poked my cheek to pull me back to real life when I was daydreaming for too long already that I looked so stunned.

I think about countless stuff. And I am so glad that "mind-reading" skill is not possible because I really don't want anyone to be able to read what is on my mind everyday.

I'll spill a bit of it.

I think about cute drawings, I think about pretty girls, I think about handsome boys, I think about talking animals would be so great, I think about my friends and scenarios about them, I think about travelling to other planets and meet Mojacko, I think about earning billions of dollars and build a super cool toys and games room in my next house, I think about hilarious scenarios I should have done to people, I think about my future a lot and I also think about adult movies, in an extreme way (duh).

To make it short, my mind is working so hard that I think I have quite some hair loss for a while now. Whatttt.

But the thing is, it is so hard for me to verbally express what I think about.

Imagine how noisy it is inside my head at the moment, and I wish to spill it out. But it is so hard to do, and although it is not like I cannot do it at all, I become an extreme chatterbox only to a handful of people. Let's say, to my sister and to only a couple of my best friends for years.

And I type a lot of things. In fact, I need to type a lot of things. I have to type a lot of things. I must type. It drives me crazy for keeping all my thoughts for a while and not letting it out at all. Thus, I blog.

And it has been 6 years and 11 months since my first blog post.

What an achievement! *confetti bombs*

Although I don't really earn much in blogging, but I did earn something. And that is only sliced spring onion in my noodle soup. That is a compliment for me in my blogging years.

So, the first time I started to use emojis was when I started using IMs.

Couldn't remember what was my first IM, I think it was Yahoo!, but even so, I didn't really used emojis apart from this :) and :( , and that didn't last long as well because I got tired of typing :) everytime.

The more I used these basic emojis, the more annoyed I became. Until I completely stopped using these basic emojis at all. Because I overused them, I became so annoyed with them. You know that feeling?

The popular emoji back on my school days was: :3 ; which means act cute face. I used this emoji so many times back then until one day I tried to mimic this emoji in front of mirror and I wanted to vomit.

Super act cute emoji that I hate so much. Screw this :3 emoji. Go die.

On this IM era when almost everyone can send IM from their phone, every time I receive a message with :3 on it, I erase it right away.

Then, when people start to accidentally have Whatsapp account (because it is always pre-installed in any newly bought phone?), I then took a good look at its emojis.

Man, there are tons of it!

And each time I see an uncommon emoji, I think of applying that emoji to real life conversation.

For example, I discover this emoji:

As bad as my current eyesight, I wonder if anyone can read what are written in these emojis?

And I think to apply these emojis in daily conversation:

Random conversation #1

Boy: Man, it takes me ages to write love letter.
Friend: Dude, try to make your letter looks mysterious.
Boy: Dude, how?
Friend: Make it like this. Something hand-written and looks vintage. Girls love it.
Boy: What the hell dude?! Make it larger please.
Friend: I wonder which one of us is dumber.

Or another (more make sense) conversation:

Random conversation #2

Male 1: Hey, wish me good luck on purchasing my lottery!
Male 2: Sure
Male 2:
Male 2: Pung dragons for you
Male 2: Hope that will send you good luck
Male 1: I like green ones better?
Male 2: We shall write a suggestion for the emoji creator to create green dragon tiles
Male 2: They should create whole ma jiang tiles set emoji
Male 1:: Great, now we play ma jiang on chat.

Excuse my lame and random ideas.

And among these tons of emoji, I definitely have my most used emojis!

I'll list them right away:
(Some images are spoilt because of the slow internet. Will fix them next time!)

What I mean to say: "hahahah" in a pure way.

What I mean to say: "hahahahaha" in a sarcasm way.

What I mean to say: "shy!" level 1.

What I mean to say: "shy!" level 2.

What I mean to say: "if you treat me well I will send this emoji to you"

What I mean to say: "you make me very sad! (you'll regret it)"

What I mean to say: *gasp until lose voice* (that 'lebay' gasp)

What I mean to say: "wanna see what you perceive by me sending this naughty stare emoji" and "mm-hmm"

And although I overused emojis in the past, I slightly reduce my emoji usage nowadays.

I still send tons of LINE stickers (cannot be helped) and I still use emojis every now and then. But it is actually, mostly depends on my mood.

You might think that my mood is easily read by how I chat you.

But I think it is right in some ways.

Emoji indicator of my mood:
◆ When my mood is super good, I send many emojis--I want to show how I feel, non-verbally.
◆ When my mood is normal, I don't send emojis. Maybe one, if you send one to me.
◆ When my mood is super bad, I don't send emojis at all even if you send me tons of it.
◆ I don't send emojis to people I just meet or recently know.
◆ I send tons of emoji to people I really like. If you have been wondering about me all of this time, well, you'll know. At least one part of it. List of people I really like is super complex and confidential--you are going to have a hard time figuring it out.

Cannot wait to see the future what will new emojis come out.

Lots of love ♥


  1. i still wonder how you make those emoji onto your blog post
    i love them!! i even insert unpopular emoji randomly in my daily conversation with my friends hahah it drives them nuts at first but now they are used to it xD
    and we are similar in the brain, you and me, "it's so noisy up there!" LOL

    1. Hahah! I grabbed the images from emojipedia website! =D
      Hahahahh i also love using unpopular emojis although I still figure out how to use them in a fun way. Hahahahah.

      Seriously, this is probably why I love to sleep. It is very noisy everyday up there!! =P

  2. I can relate a lot! My mind tends to be so noisy since I think (and overthink) about so many things! But those things are often pretty short, so it's hard to develop them into a blog post... "orz
    I used to love using emojis too! It was so hard to communicate with other people not using emoji. I have this feeling that not using emoji in conversations is rude, makes you expressionless. I've grown out (a little only though) out of that habit by replacing it with laughs like 'hahaha' or 'wkwkwk', but I still am unable to put down my Line stickers when talking to someone! Hahaha XD

    1. Hahahahahah~ Yes you are right! I also have hard time blogging sometimes because way too many things I want to write down. It is a hard work to filter what is actually nice and what is not.
      Hahahaha me too I send hahaha and wkwkwk way too many times I think I abuse my keyboards XD hahaha. And yeah, LINE stickers are so addicting I spent some money for it!! XD

    2. Agreed!! There are just too many things I have on my mind hahaha XD
      Don't worry, I've also spent money on stickers (when I shouldn't be doing that :'D)

    3. OMG Me too. I once topped up my number for important thing for a month, then I spent like 50% of it for stickers.

      And I really regret it now. I now barely chat on Line (only with my sister, mum, one of my friend and you XD) and I barely use sticker at all. Few years ago I talked to so many people on Line, now it has been much quieter. And the stickers are pretty much useless bcs I never really use it. Probably I should spam my sis, mum and you more more stickers so I don't feel so bad for owning them? XD hahahaha


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