Sunday, February 7, 2016

Culture immersing (Borobudur and Prambanan).

Ranger Meow and me went to Buddhist temple Borobudur and Hindu temple Prambanan. Both are majestic works done by human in the past.

This is my third time visiting Borobudur. The second one documented visit: here and the first one was way too long ago.

First, we went to the largest Buddhist temple from a few thousand years ago, Borobudur.

Looking around the temple, I shall say that the top of Borobudur temple is truly holy!

I am reminded with the peace and pureness inside me. It felt like I was reborn. I am saying this because it was what I really felt up there! So weird yet so nice.

Yeah, I was really there, watching everything!

Morning sky!

You can slightly see the moon there, it was awesome.

And I decided to get to know the green tourist boy whose hand kept on appearing in lots of pics I took; we decided to take a pic with the top of the temple together. For his privacy of his handsome face, I decided to put fat rabbit head over his face.

Is this appropriate? Did this fun pose at the top of the temple. I felt so pure and happy.

And the sitting statue facing, erm, north if I am not mistaken? With the black tourist uncle taking his pic.

Spotted the moon again!

Black tourist uncle took a pic of the stairs.

We met a group of random students trying to ask us for help. Or that's what we thought.

But they started talking random to us that it felt like they were doing an assignment called "talking to tourists" so it was kind of funny.

But then this conversation happened:

Student: "Where are you from?"
Me: "I am from... (hesitated) here?"
Student: "Oh (laughing) I thought you are foreigner?"
Me: "Huh? Really? How?"
Student: "Yes yes I thought you are Japanese."
Me: *nosebleed* "Omg I am so happy hahah thank you."

She validated me as Konayachi the Japanese girl. Hahahahahahahahahahah.

But seriously, this is the ~ time my nationality is questioned. People wonder whether I am either: Japanese, Korean or Chinese. Ironically, they guess me as Chinese the least compared by they guess me as Japanese or Korean.

Super ironic please!

Should I actually turn back time and try to cast in some Japanese movies or Korean dramas? No, I am serious here. Lol.

And the stairs crept me. Told you I am scared of stairs.

But the view up there is unbeatable! It was so amazing.

It was worth it staying up whole night for this.

And please tell me what you think, if this magnificent gate was made thousand of years ago by only hands?! Awesome!

Not the metal bar, surely.

Look at all those complex sculptures, so amazing! And fascinated green tourist boy.

All of those were made by hands, how awesome were they?

This huge and beautiful temple is really amazing. How many times have I written amazing?

And my favourite blue and green compositions.

Because they are so nice to see, comfort your eyes.

Full view of Borobudur temple, which is amazing.

And further view of the temple. Looks so nice!

Spent IDR 540,000 in total to enter the temple before the dawn. We also got complimentary snacks and souvenirs.

Then, the second temple we went was Hindu temple Prambanan.

Price is like nine times cheaper than Borobudur. But it was to be expected.

The entrance was vast and green, so nice to see!

Big signs everywhere makes tourists easier to explore.

Switch HDR ART mode on and~ see the majestic Prambanan temple!

The pretty walk-in entrance!

And how would you describe that mysterious cloud hanging so low above us?

Really, really we all got to treasure these temples. All these was built very traditionally thousand of years ago and these kind of temples are very underrated.

People need to gain more awareness to preserve these historical site more, and don't do commercial things on it. Which I mean, don't take profit illegally.

We all need to preserve all historical sites in the world, since all these are awesome. I don't know, when I touched all these temples, I could feel that these temples have souls.

Really amazing, how do you make all these beautiful sculptures with limited technology in the past?

And all of it were built gorgeously.

Andddddd that's it. My Ginny died on me because I forgot to charge her. And the rest pics were non-existent. Sads.

Oh, Ranger Meow should took it all, including a group of extremely cute deers that were taken care of thereeeeeee omg they were all super cute and tame!

Lots of love ♥

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