Sunday, February 14, 2016

A year ago, today.

February 14 last year, 

I was doing my last and massive spring cleaning at BS.

I remember I threw away so many things, even unopened things, toys and everything else. There are some moment I wish I hadn't thrown them away because they were still functioning properly but I told myself to let it go.

I did my spring cleaning this year last week; and it wasn't as hardworking as I used to have it at BS. My current room doesn't have so many things to begin with and I was pretty busy driving mum to 辞年 so I wasn't doing much.

Built rack above by myself.

Took one random wooden board from the storage room and covered it with Hello Kitty wrapping paper and nailed it on the wall with help from dad; because I am super clumsy he was scared that I might nail my own fingers to the wall. =X

It was not too tidy but I didn't really feel like making it super tidy. I guess this is the O side of me?

This corner somemore. It seriously looks like it is still way too messy.

Look at my disgusting five year old mousepad which I still keep until now (because it is pink and it is Hello Kitty. Lol), packs of snack on the printer, three water bottles.

Trust me, before I did my spring cleaning this desk was wayyyyy messier than this.

Yay! Got myself double sized Hello Kitty bedsheet!

I bought it quite a while ago but I only used it now. Pink overloads my bedroom until sis complained: "my eyes hurt because it is pink literally everywhereeeee!" hahah.

And I took in dad's unused glass rack to keep my treasures. Well, to call all of these treasures are a bit too much. But these are things I really collect mostly with my own money!

Bottom level is for bags, important documents, Chinese dictionary and album photos because I cannot find place to keep them safely, yet.

Middle level is for my books, novels excluded. Random children novel books: Shakespeare, Bridge or Terabithia, Heidi, tons of Japanese light novels (small pink books), and comic books. Many of it.

I super love comic books during my school years; all of my best friends were collecting them so I decided I should collect them as well! Although my collection is still way too little compared with them.

And that was the reason why I started to draw, up to today. So I owe my comic book everything that I don't wanna throw them away!

Mum often teases me that she wants to sell all my comic books away when I was in Jakarta every spring cleaning time, and I was really angry at her at that time. Lol. These comic books are my precious.

Top level is for expensive CDs, DVDs and toys (temporarily). The CDs belong to sis, and if you notice: all of those are that super expensive Korean CDs and DVDs! Hahah. I love to see them as well so I decided to put those expensive things on the top level.

From left to middle: B.A.P. Matrix R, B.A.P. First Sensibility, B.A.P. Warrior, Tohoshinki 3rd tour, Tohoshinki 4th tour, and a stack of FTIsland albums.

On the right side, is the overly cute LINE Happy Meal set includes: rabbit satay, grilled bear, beijing duck, tang yue and frog soup 


February 14 this year, 

I spent entire afternoon lied on bed, listened to Kuraki Mai songs and played hp games. I took a shower earlier and inspected my laptop to make it much lighter since I understand there are some programs I installed during my university days that are no longer useful for me now.

Uninstalling programs sucks. I mean, my laptop is already five years old that age has taken her performance away. Her drive C: drove me crazyyyyy because of some few things I couldn't understand that I need hardware people to look at it for me.

One sad thing of being an IS student instead of IT student, I am pretty helpless when it comes to things like this. *sigh* I was not taught Operating System and hardwares.

Then on evening I then decided to cook something since I was super hungry. Dad helped me to boil potato and carrot and I found one old packet of instant curry paste; so I cooked it with the boiled potato, carrot and ta-dah: yummy homemade curry!

I then improvised: I added canned corn (lol what), canned mushroom (whatttt), sliced onions and chicken fillet.

Crazy curry timeeee~!

First attempt of tasting: goodness it was super spicy! I then added a glass of water until the curry became super thin and bland. I then experimented with salt-sugar-pepper combination until I got the perfect curry taste with less spiciness.

So happy for the result, my homemade crazy curry is so yummy~! =D

And I cooked one big pot that can be recooked again and again for a few days. I love curry so I don't mind eating it for a few days straight.

So~ February 14 this year is "Eat Curry Day" for me!

Talking about Valentine's Day, as I have written about it a few years ago here, it is a good celebration to show affection and support to everyone.

And if you look at it from the wider perspective, you actually can show affection to everyone on any day and not only during Valentine's Day. Amirite?

As I don't celebrate it, doesn't mean that I condemn it (unlike some people that openly condemn it, you know). I think it is lovely that people give flowers and chocolates, and to see all of these happy couple photos of my friends on my timeline, seriously I am happy for all of them!

The thing is I don't mind not having Valentine day at all. In fact, I consider every day is a day for me to show affection to everyone I love.

Besides, I prefer toys and pizza to flowers and chocolate. And those things are inflated in price during Valentine's Day you knowww?

So it is a win win for me. Hahah *wink*

Lots of love ♥


  1. lovely!

  2. How nice to add another extra rack to the wall! I wish I can do that in BS... :') That glass rack is super nice toooo! I wish I had one!
    And don't worry, my BS room is usually much messier than that too, especially when I'm doing my projects.
    I love curry tooo!!! Curry + carrot + potato and rice is perfectt <3
    I really agree with your view on Valentine's day. It's a sweet celebration, but it's not a day I can't live without. And yess, toys > flowers! Hahaha XD
    Oh, and I'm actually taking OS this semester ._. I hope it won't be too hard....

    1. Hahahahh! Exactly like me! I make use of the lamp above the bed as my extra rack, you know XD hahahahh~ You can order such glass rack, but better do it at home. Hahahah yeah I remember how messy my tiny room at BS. So ironic XD

      And curry wins everything! And it can be eaten for a few days and still tastes sooooo good, right? xD

      Forever toys > flowers okayy :P

      Many of my friends said it is very hard, but I am sure you can do itt~ Ganbate!!

    2. how do you add another rack on top of the lamp?? ._. isn't it heavy??
      ah right, you were in the single room XD I've been living in the double room for the past few years, so it's quite spacious.
      Yesss, so trueee!!! Hmm I wonder if i should buy curry to cook some at BS ._.
      The lesson is pretty interesting so far XD but yes, it is actually quite complicated. Hoping to survive until the very end! Hahaha! Thank you senpai!!

    3. Waitt no no I meant I use the lamp to put on stuff; toys mostly (?) XD and it was not heavy at all.

      Yesss I know how spacious double room is. So envious =O

      Hahahaha you should~ Hero sells one good curry paste, I forget the brand name, it is imported. You can try to look one. It was around 30K rupiah for one big box of curry paste (mild one, I hate spicy food haha) maybe you can try to cook it!

      Hahaha sure~~


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