Monday, January 4, 2016

We are KTV girls!

I went KTV to celebrate the beginning 2016!

It is one of my most favourite place--besides Pizza Hut, beach, rooftop of tall buildings and big warm hug.

Super lovin' it to the max!

Music is my thing♪
Jibun rashiku nareru
Music in my heart

Tokimeki narashite

Music is my thing

Ichido dake no merodii
Music in my heart

Tsuyoku kara detai

by Dream

I decided to try another KTV shop that is also famous here so I went there with sis as our parents are now much busier than before.

So surprised that this KTV rate is a bit cheaper than the usual KTV I go to, also, this KTV doesn't charge more on weekend, same price entire week! Woohoo!

IDR 30,000 per hour until 6PM and regular rate until night.

Entering this KTV then we spent no time and started to play our first song: Big Bang's Bang Bang Bang!

While we are adjusting to the volume and stuff, I began to input more songs to the playlist for us (me) to sing next, and when it is my turn to sing, sis also input the songs she would love to sing.

What the, first song only that my throat was already screaming. Sigh!

I wanna happy cry since this KTV also got Kuraki Mai! *cried* *selected all songs*

I didn't sing all songs because I shared some space for sis as well, but next time I will surely sing her other songs. I was so damn happy lah! Kuraki Mai my all time favourite singer pleaseeee!

Then we decided to have some nostalgic moments with DBSK's Rising Sun.

We missed them so much!! Will you come back as one please DBSK!?

Then my Kuraki Mai singing time! I sang my first and favourite song of her: Secret of My Heart.

Note that I didn't read entire hiragana and kanji but I sang based on my memory--and I made lots of mistakes? Hahah.

Then my all time favourite CNBLUE's song: Love Light! Finally time for my throat to rest and to input more more songs.

And our first time went crazy with Masta Wu's Come Here! We looooove K-Hiphop so much so we had so much fun with this song.

Then see Dok2.

Then accidentally took this pic of Bobby looking at boobs and boobs. Hahah wtf I didn't realise this until just now. So funny!

And that killer smile shooted right to my heart! *nosebled* *died*

*returned back to life to blog*

Yes I am a noona fan of Bobby, don't judge!

Suuuuure never forgetting to sing our boys' songs: BAP's One Shot!

Uri leader Bang Yong Guk is so damn badass I like! *grab tissue to wipe nose*

and BAP's Hurricane!

Uri maknae Zelo is an immature badass boy =D

And that's it. My KTV days is my happy days, I looking forward for my next KTV days in the future.

Are you KPopper?
Do you sing?
Do you not care to shameless things?
Join me to my next KTV trip!

Lots of love ♥

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