Saturday, January 23, 2016

My collab shop: Miki&Nala!


Hello guys!

I have finally opened a little humble store on Etsy with my friend of... *counting* 12 years (and counting!).

Really crazy to think that it has been a good 12 years since our first meet.

It is all started on one rainy day in November when we decided to meet up at McDonalds and vented our frustrations for being super idle and free.

Then we slowly thought that since both of us love to draw, how about making some cash from it.

And after next few meet ups, surfing Internet from afternoon to evening, we then decided to create a joined Etsy account and opened one small shop.

I cannot really say that we are now running this small shop and we are doing well--we are going to grow steadily. I write this just because it is a while since the last update of us listing items there.

Oh, by the way as for now we are listing digital items. We make printable images and arts as it is the easiest for us to manage for now. We gotta build up our capital and community, and then we can expand things to be some physical things, i.e. framed arts, custom totebags, T-shirts, or many more.

Thinking about all of these really excites me although it is a long long road to go. And as for now we decide to make this side income. We are now currently focusing to secure a steady job--which probably will help us to build capital more to improve Miki&Nala.

And talking about it... What is Miki&Nala?

Very simple actually. We took a few weeks to decide on the shop name (and using "Konapple" name for the temporary name) until then I decided to put our doggies' name for our shop name.

You should have known Miki as I blogged about her a few times, and friend's doggie is Nala. She is a petite dog (compare to fat ass Miki) and less, erm, fierce. She let me pet her on our first meet which is super adorable poodleeeee!

While Miki--you wouldn't want to mess with her--she woofs at almost anything. She woofs at people walking outside, at cars passing by, at doggies on the TV, at houseflies, at moving ropes, at guests, at dad when he wears his coat, at me when I cover my body with blanket (and scare her).

She literally woofs at anything, and it ain't ordinary woof. It is a super noisy woof that hurts your eardrums.

Fear not when Miki woofs at you, because she is not fierce at all.

She woofs because she is afraid.

If you show no hesitation and walk toward her, she will walk backwards and keep woofing at you. Probably until she pees herself (yes this happens so many times lol).

How to stop her: give her cookies. She will be nice instantly and probably will jump on your lap to sit on you. She does this to some neighbour boys and I laugh so hard every time I see it.

Okay, it is way too much about her; so I'll stop.

I'll give updates every now and then about Miki&Nala for you guys, so please support us!

Visit us: Miki&Nala at Etsy.

Lots of love ♥

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