Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Gym is life (not).

It has been three weeks since I joined gym.

I thought this kind of thing is to be taken slowly--really slowly but steady, you know. The thing that drives everyone crazy because how slow it is for all of us to actually lose weight--and never bounce it back.

So I have been spending my gym days very happily, I look forward to every evening to spend my time at gym, to sweat all my anger and frustration outside and to actually get into shape.

I kinda regret it that I barely took any "progress" pics because I decided not to bring anything to gym site at all, not HP and not camera, only myself, a towel and an mp3 player.

One day I took a pic of myself before going to gym.

(Censored my room because it is crazy mess there that is very inappropriate for me to show it here).

And I definitely don't look that thin in real life. Camera effect and angle is extremely scary you know.

Yesterday's gym session.

And why it seems like I gain some weight? LOL.

So my gym menu has been:
cardio 20 to 30 minutes, 
arm strength (2KG) for 3 sets x 15, 
leg strength (5KG) for 2 sets x 15, 
light sit ups for 2 sets x 5 (LOL I suck in sit ups),
and sauna room 10 minutes.

All is done in around an hour, more or less depends of the crowds.

So there is a trainer that stands by there and apparently he starts to notice about my existence.

Yesterday he approached me after I cardio-ed myself for a good 20 mins and told me: "so how much have you lost weight?"

I was stuttered and like: "erm, 2 kg?"

He then showed like flip-table-but-keeping-it-cool expression and started to coach me: "eh why so little?! Surely you eat white rice?"

I wanted to lie but I decided to say the truth: "eh, I never eat rice?"

He laughed and said: "hahah don't bluff to a gym trainer!"

But but but I really never eat white rice leh!

I never like white rice (I prefer ketupat or porridge) so I don't eat it, but it is harder to tell him that I don't like rice rather than to say that I don't eat rice.

It is like people don't trust me when I say I don't like rice, because I am 1,000% asian and what do I eat if I don't eat rice?

I eat porridge and ketupat. LOL. #konayachifacts

So I joined him and laughed at something obviously not funny (?).

He then continued his coach: "must cut carbs, then have little meals daily, must control appetite, drink plenty of water, don't cardio too much but also balance it with strength, have plenty of sleep, don't sleep on midnight, stay happy, ..." and many more.

I nodded so many times until I tired my neck, then when he reached his end of coach, he then brought me to a pull bar strength equipment and told me to train my biceps and triceps there.

I was like: "Okay yes sir!" and I did one huge set of 20 biceps pull and 30 triceps pull of 3KG weigh.

Felt so proud of being able to actually lift 3KG weigh with my own weak arms since I was only able to pull 1KG weigh with much struggle.

I then went back home with a very light feeling in both of my arms which I suspected it was because of the weight I pulled just then--and felt so proud to have that sore feeling after exercise.

The next day, I couldn't straight my arms at all!

For real, really real!

I was in panic mode since my triceps felt like it became harder (is it muscle? LOL I am very ashamed to think about this) but I told dad that both of my triceps were in great pain after extreme weight-lifting the day before.

Then I buay paiseh-ly told everyone at house who is willing to listen to me: "I gain muscles on my arms! Woohoo!"

But everyone was like: "so thick skin! omg!" and hushed me so many times but I am that noisy girl in the family so I bugged everyone to touch my arms and to actually feel the hard things on my upper arms.

And up to now I am unable to straighten my arms, therefore I walk everywhere with my arms crossed, and it is damn painful for me to change clothes, and I scream every time I accidentally straighten my arms.

It feels like hell in both of my sides.

So today I took a break from my almost daily gym days--and decided to rest at home.

And I kinda pause my gym progress which is slow to begin with. I don't know whether I should be happy or sad to realise this.

Lots of love ♥


  1. you got to seperate the leg (lower body) day and the upper body day in you training days
    its no fun to have all your body in pain haha

    that pain is called DOMS, its normal and just fine, you can ask google hahaha

    this ost makes me want to cut or convert 10-15kg of my weight

    1. Hahah I never know what do people call this kind of pain. Thank for the info! And separating leg day and arm day sounds like a good idea. Although I usually go with both in one day.. Really cannot do anything with all these pain, makes me super lazy XD


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