Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Guide to take pic with pets.

Especially when your pets are camera-conscious.

They run away every time they are faced with cameras! How can they!?

At least my doggie is like that!

I am sure most people with pets want to take at least one proper picture with their pets. Selcas are the most convenient way for now so I am demonstrating it to all of you!

First, make sure that the pet is extremely sleepy (so it doesn't bother them when you disturb).

Okay, she is very sleepy! =D *evil laugh*

Then, take pic! Easy right!

But wait, she is sleeping! Cannot take pic like this, so I got to take another one and woke her up!

Snap and yeah! She is awake, and........ wtf where did I look!? Okay, one more try!

Perfect!........ until I realised camera didn't activate its beauty mode. I am very self conscious okay!

Shall I take one more try?

But it is too late! She already noticed the camera and started to move away.

So frustrating!

Never give up!

Try one more time to take pic together. Better I get ready and while she is looking at the camera, then snap right away!

She left.

I give up!

Better luck next time for me and you!

Lots of woof ♥


  1. Never thought you still active in your blog. Old days, kinda comfort looking at your comments. You are the only visitor


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