Sunday, December 27, 2015

Socially Awkward Body syndome?

I am a (somewhat cute) girl with acne prone face.

I know, so unfortunate right? However, it doesn't happen regularly like it is supposed to be, it happens at the WORST time possible.

I wonder why?!

Big, fresh, healthy and plumpy pimples always come out on the events when I need to be outside and interact with people nicely.

Let's say, whenever I have super free week when I can stay at home all day--I have extremely clear and healthy face skin.

And whenever I have a busy week, full with appointments with my friends, clients and people around me whom I want to show my best face to--Bam! Pimple garden in my face!

This happens too many times that I wonder whether I have this ridiculous syndrome called Socially Awkward Body.

So, mum gave me this extremely painful and aching sulfur liquid to cure my pimple.

And I screamed every time I dab the sulfur liquid on my big, fresh, healthy and plumpy pimple. Aiyooooo!

I dabbed this much of sulfur liquid on my chin for a few days until mum was home that day and was shocked to see my chin.


"Eh, not this much ma?"


Hahahahaha. Gomenasai! Watashi shiranai!

I literally went outside with chalk-like paste on my chin for a few days. That time I went KFC with chalk on my chin, and I kept scratching it.

I wondered if people thought I had extremely disgusting chalk-like skin disease there.

Is this the sign of my Socially Awkward Body syndrome?! Andwaeeeee!

KFC Spaghetti me likey, I don't know why. Yum yum yummm!

And how is it bloody possible for the last week of this year that we had such pretty blue sky!?

Where is my anticipated rainy, stormy days?

Lots of love ♥


  1. Omg! I'm having pimples all over my face too at the moment. We have similar situation; why like this when i have to take so many selfie?! But its subsiding now hopefully will be gone soon coz tomorrow start working already, i want a fresh face 😂😂

    1. Yes yes!! Gila is it? And I really wish you had great face to start the year! =D I kinda had horrible pimples now everywhere (literally everywhere) on my body, probably since I now do sauna often. It is like the body is repelling excess fats and oil all around my body, which is so hard for me to move around now Orz due to the pimples 'everywhere' lol


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