Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Siblings reunion!

Sis is coming home for new year holiday!

And for the first time in a while, we cooked so much--

--veggies. Hahaha.

But still it is awesome to see so much food in one table. I nowadays don't really cook (hence, the missing "Food Diary" posts) and I only anyhow mix everything on my plate.

I woke up super late and with my super swollen face, I was excited to see the hot dining table!

Having sis at home is really fun. Herself staying in the house already feels like additional three to four people coming in the house since she is so tall and so noisy, and also she is a good listener every time I share her my anger and frustration toward a bitch I currently very hate.

Us, in one of our worst after wake-up selca

We both usually curse people together and wish them to never rot in hell--so that they will suffer, if they rot already they wouldn't suffer from the heat. You geddit? Hahah.

Another post about this bitch maybe? LOL

Yeah you got to see my other side which is extremely evil and secretive once in a while~

And it was Phoenix' first month celebration few days ago so we got something nice:

I ate it all. And I don't feel sorry about it

"No regret" is my new motto.

Lots of looooove ♥


  1. Nothing is ever wrong when you want to b*tch about someone. You just gotta let them feelings out!
    And yummy treats. I would have no regrets eathing those either! 👍🏻👍🏻

    1. Yesssh!! Thank you for the appreciation! I really need to bitch (and approval from people that it is okay for me to bitch) LOL

      No regret, chingu! =)


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