Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My first Korean food!

I finally, finally had my first experience of eating Korean full set dish!

And I am very happy of thissss~!

You can laugh at me, call me old-school and everything. But really this is my very first time eating Korean food.

If Sis is not here I confirm won't even dare to try, since I am a sucker in spicy food and Korean food seems like it is 95% spicy, I really don't dare to enter to any Korean restaurant.

We went to Seorae Restaurant at Amplaz, and it happened to be quite crowded here.

So excited~ Wheee~!

Crowded restaurant--and it was dinner time so yea!

Funny and somewhat crowded atmosphere!

Menu book~ Where is Indonesia?

We ordered one Korean full set dish for two people--for three of us.

Excited to see all these Korean stuff 'cos I am a Baby! =D

Act cute and no shame while waiting for the dishes. I forever envy sis who can naturally pull up with her double-lids!

And my pimple is 90% gone! Thanks sulfur liquid!

First part of the set dish! So excited to try to grill all of it just like what I have always been watching on dramas!

Chicken, marinated woosamgyeop (beef stomach), mushroom, sweet potato, eggplant, onion and sausage.

But they didn't let us.. They assigned someone to grill everything for us. So we can only watch it hissing while grilling.

Second part of the set dish came--kimchi jjigae and steamed egg.

Last part of the set dish--kimchi, lettuce, onion and sauce.

This is the full set dish view.

Remember, this is a full set dish FOR TWO PEOPLE.

Such majestic set dish! I was super excited!

Us three people struggled to finish everything. And for my first experience in foreign food, this is awesome! =D The meat is so yummy and thin and tender, the sauce is yummy and the view is so exciting! Hahah.

And so surprised that such big set dish costed us IDR 250K. I wonder if this is cheap? It is definitely not cheap for my standard but seeing all the entire set dish, the premium beef and the yummy-looking kimchi jjigae (I didn't try, looks extremely spicy) plus only one additional drink.

Wheeee~ Thank you Seorae! You gave me awesome first time experience! =D

Then since I was being super happy and super pig, I bought myself a huge dessert:

Crepe signature! My first time buying it hahah. Yummy big crepe I ate at night while watching Twilight Saga.

Also my favourite:

A&W Monas Iscream! *scream*

Me, who worked so hard to finally lose 5kg then gained back 2kg in just 3 hours!

Fuck me and my appetite and my money and everything else =D

But I didn't really care that day; I was extremely happy and satisfied!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Wow! Full on korean cuisine there! I never tried anything loke that here in Brunei. I did try ala carte dishes like that kimbab, black noodle and sweet spicy chicken popcorn thingy. Hahah i know. I suck at remembering the korean name for these dishes. 😂😂😂
    You should try more korean food next time and share them here

    1. Hahaha beats me, I re-asked my sis a few times before I was able to type those korean dishes name. =X And yes! I will definitely try more korean dishes as my first experience is so great, and I'll def share it!

  2. that's enough for two person, if you really eat a lot like me haha ~

    1. Wowww. Seriously? We ate like crazy although it was three of us hahah.


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