Monday, December 21, 2015

Killing cells?!

Recently I am not in a good mood.

Reasons are extremely personal that I don't dare to type it here. But trust me, it is something that will piss you off as much as I do.

Keywords: angry, sad, painful heart, (probability of) betrayal, "After all of this time? Always", too much, disbelieve.

Okay I make no sense.

The last few days I went out with my parents, accompanying my uncle who stayed here for a few days. He planned to buy retirement house here so we helped him look for it.

Hearing my parents, uncle and aunties talking about houses and its price made me extremely headache. I scared for the weirdest reasons I could ever think--it is extremely hard for them to buy, then how about me!?

I really, really need more than one source income for me to survive.

I look forward my days with decent jobs, but also I need to squeeze my brain dry for extra income here and there.

I look for good job with good pay for me to sustain life and secure future.

I learn to analyse Global Currency Volatility daily.

I read tons of business news and eventually learn about some companies that offer stocks with really good movement.

I read tons of articles about self-employed.

I browse random galleries to find ideas about things to create.

It drives me crazy.

I wonder whether people will start hating me because I am very pathetic--thinking about all the worst possibilities.

I don't know. So recently I don't dare to talk to everyone.

I stay in my room and I draw whole day. I draw, draw, draw and although I want to stop, I don't.

I want to work hard on my crowdfunding Patreon page and see where it brings me.

I draw something cute today. =D

Sis told me if I keep stressing myself and feeling sad all the time, it will kill my cells and I will eventually look older.


I need to look happy and young so that I don't need to allocate my precious money to buy scam beauty products.

I need to feel happy, even in my lowest and darkest time!!

Lots of love ♥


  1. yeah.. i've been told that (being angry made me look old) before. not the nicest of feelings being told that. hahah
    cute drawings! draw me again! LOL
    anyway, just don't stress so much. spend this 'jobless' time doing things that you like most (even if it means you're going to sleep all day, just do it!) coz once you started working, you're going to miss them.
    and so rajin you reading all those business articles. I would have used them as pillows for sleeping LOL

    1. Yeah =( And I am kind of notice that I have grown wrinkles here and there. UGH!
      Hahahah sure leh! =D
      You know someone told me exactly the same and I will sure to enjoy my jobless days! I am starting not to stress about being jobless, but I find many more things to do instead! Hahahah.

      And lol.. It is kind of fun to reading business and politics articles. Since I always compared other countries with mine, and it is a fun comparison you know XD


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