Saturday, December 5, 2015

Give me my Boro!

I was watching TV and opening a pack of Orange Potato Boro I bought in Carrefour until doggie--whose hearing is very sharp in any plastic sound--came to me and poked poked me.

She extremely loves Orange Boro!!

I know doggies are omnivore but I never thought she would like something as floury as Boro.

*me open plastic package*

*doggie came*


You want this ah? You like this?

Ok I let you taste one.

Hahaha! You like this! So weird!

OMG! Chill! Don't eat my fingers!

Stay first... Then you can eat.

You want all of these? Tease you only! Hahah! No way I give you all! Bleah!

Five, okay? 

Hahah you surely like this! So cute!

This is your last one. Look at it very well.

No no not yet. Hahah. Promise me this is the last one then you must leave me.

No promise means no give you. Hahah!

After this scene mum came to us and hit me, said I bullied her because I teased her and didn't give her food.

What?! She disturbed me and my movie and ate my snacks leh!!

Am I the Cinderella here?

Lots of love ♥


  1. i laughed out loud on that last picture; the way you put your leg on the table. My mom would've hit me for that instead. LOL
    your dog is cute!

    1. OMG I never notice!! I shy!! >///< yeah mum also hit my leg lol but I completely forgot about that!! Oh my god me and my tomboy leg goes online!! *cries*

  2. *^* your dog is so cute!!! It makes me want to kidnap her hahahah.
    And oh yeah! I also have a dog, Naya-chan! And he likes to eat anything he sees as well xD

    P.S: I posted the link of my red hair in my new post :3
    And I want to say thank you for always reading my blog :) Love ya Naya-chan!

    1. Hehehehe!! Thank you Morla chan~!
      Really!? Your doggie must be extremelyyy~ cute! I love doggies XD and they eat really well don't they?

      Oh great!! Following the link now ;)

  3. Omggg this is so cuteeee!!!
    It's so cute how your dog actually likes those children snacks XD How old is he?? Oh wait, or is it a she?? ._.

    1. Yes yes!! Hahahaha she eats the weirdest food! She eats tempe and also mentos you know!! XD

      Is a she, Vero chan!! Hehehe xD

  4. SO CUTE!

    Check out my new post:


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