Friday, December 18, 2015

Fishie feesh~

I went to my first fishing experience today.

I originally rejected the offer to go with them because I avoid hurting animals--I personally think fishing is extremely cruel--but mum really wanted to go so I decided to tag along.

Place: Ledok gebang.

It was cloudy, so the weather was very chill. Really nice weather!

A bit covered. Awesome place with lots of trees~ I love greenies! They say it will heal your eyes prescription. I don't know.

Real forest and river here. Creepy?

Human-made fishie pond and huts for us to rent.

Human-made natural path. Not bad! And hello slippers! (It spoilt recently but dad fixed it right away! Love love you! Kiss!)

Headed to our hut.

We acted wise choose the middle hut in order to cover most of the fishie pond area to catch more fishies.

The small pond which they didn't allow us to fish. These fishies are so big and nice to see!

Reminded me with all of my cute gold fishies that dead recently.

Will blog about that another time.

Ready to fish fishies!

Mum was already so excited and she took a spot and directly fished for fishies.

Seriously this aunty. She immediately took a spot and asked uncle to take lots of her pics, thousands of shots. Hahaha. Very kekinian.

On the other side of hut, mum and (another) aunty fished quietly.

Mostly we all had fun. And they were nice enough to ignore my groan every time they said they almost caught one.

But seriously, we are all amateurs that we ended up didn't really fish fishes, but we fed them instead. Hahaha! For real!

My guess is that the fishes there are clever enough to learn that this kind of bait means trap:

Shit-like bait, means to be fishie trap.

And they got to learn some skills to snatch the bait without it hooking them. You rock, fishie!

Ugh, imagining it cringes me and my entire bodily particles.

Poor fishies getting lip piercing forcefully! I cry!

But in short time mum already got one poor fishie who was forcefully given lip piercing!

And if you wonder how she looks like, she looks extremely happy!

Dad and me agreed that fishing fishies is very cruel so we just watched them fishing and we took really handsome and pretty pic.

Dad is very handsome here but too bad I have decided to protect his face from popularity.

I know, so humble he is!

And mum had her second fishie to receive forceful lip piercing!

In fact, mum had caught many more poor fishies, forcefully pierced to be rocker band fishies.

You gotta know mum's obsession with rocker bands. I guess it is completely related?

Eating time!

We didn't eat fishies that we fished. We ordered things like prawns, big fishie and kangkung. Feedback: not bad! 

And I avoid carbs so I didn't eat rice. Okay!

Chill and show off my fat legs. I was thinking if I show off my smelly feet to fishies they will gather.

I know, fail logic.

Mum was still so excited so we fished again after we ate. I took some of the shit-like bait and fed the newly formed rocker fishies nicely.

I am so good, okay!

So after hours of fishing and relaxing, the total fishing score:
(list is sorted by age)
Aunt: 0
Dad: 0 (because he didn't fish)
Uncle: 2
Aunt: 2
Mum: 7 (played sudden death with uncle and mum kept on getting fishies for lip piercing! How lucky (or cruel) is she!?)
Me: 0 (because I didn't fish okay! I fed them kindly!)

The fishie pond is now full of rocker fishies thanks to us!

Lastly, we played under the kersen tree and mum picked lots of kersens! I never really like it, so I only helped to pick and to hold. Although my small hands didn't help much in containing the kersens.

We gave all the kersens to aunty because it really helps in combating uric acid!

Tired, drenched because of the soft rain, but it was fun!

Lots of love ♥


    And as for me I really like fishing! And my dad is also enjoying it. It's just my sisters and my mom who don't really like it.

    Pff. your comments made me laugh about your dad is being humble and very handsome so you decided to protect his face from popularity xD HAHA! You got a sense of humour, Naya-chan! xD

    Anyway I'm really glad that you had a great time even though you didn't fish anything at all ;P it's nice to be close to your family after all :)

    1. Yes she is!! LOL!!

      Wow you are awesome Morla-chan!! You need to show me how to fish someday!! If I can ever bear with it XD

      Hahahaha~ that is real though XD and yeah it feels great to be with family! I treasure them so much <3


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