Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Finally I signed up!

To a nearby gym club centre~

Is it something to be proud of?

Not really, but I like the fact that I now no longer pig around because I have something to look forward everyday!

I lost 5kg recently (due to stress? lol) and I got so motivated that I decided to let go $15 for my first monthly gym membership.

My main focus for exercising is losing fat cells on:
* stomach, flat stomach ftw!
* boobs, I cannot wait to wear my cute bikini innocently--and not vulgar-ly! duh.
* entire head; because every time I gain weight, all the fatty fat is accumulated there.
* thighs, because I wanna cosplay sexy girls.

Also to gain muscles on:
* shoulders, because I am a bit crouching so I need to lift some weights.
* stomach, I cannot do sit ups AT ALL.
* legs, and a bit of kegel should be okay.
* arms, because my strength can be compared with ants' strength.

Looking forward for me cosplaying some girls in 2016, with slim and sexy body!

P.S. AzNur! I've finally done it! Haha!

Lots of love ♥


  1. oh my gosh! i need to step my game too now!
    thumbs up to you Jess.
    and looking forward to you progress ^_^b


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