Thursday, December 24, 2015

Babys reunion!?

Sis coming home means my normally okay space will be filled up with both of our gadgets--which is quite many!

It surprises me how much money have our parents spent for our greed in gadgets! Makes me love them more and moooooore!

Five electronic gadgets we currently use--all costed approx. $1,200! *shock*

We are Sony Vaio loyal fans!! Two laptops for approx $1,200.

By the way, sis and me have decided that we need to show the world our hidden fangirl side:

No, no, no, no mercy!
Yeah, we are the B.A.P!
Baby wassup, uri ga wasseo!

Yes my dear readers, we are proud Babys!

We have been sticking with B.A.P since its very first debut, making it the first Korean band which I stick on since its very first song.

Also, owning a favourite member (called bias) in each band has become a must for us, so we have one in B.A.P as well.

Sis decided on Kim Himchan and me on uri leader Bang Yonggukkk. (Although these few days I lean a bit on uri maknae Zelo).

Credit: soompi.

Left: Bang Yongguk and right: Kim Himchan.

Things on guys that I super like to see is how badass they are, and BYG is one of the most badass member in B.A.P! Like for real, he looks super fierce and badass in the first few of B.A.P's MVs.

While Himchan is the calm member in B.A.P. He plays the 'good guy' role I think?

And this represents sis' and my taste in guys lah. Now you know.

The fun thing about B.A.P is that they have a mascot called matoki! Matokis are rabbit shaped characters representing each of the B.A.P members.

So if you hesitate to use any of your idol's pic for your custom case--fear not because B.A.P has super cool mascots to show off!

Bang Yong Guk de mascot is the red matoki--Sisimato, and Himchan is the pink matoki--Tatzmato.

And now I got the urge to listen to B.A.P songs~

Lots of love ♥


  1. How i wish SHINee have their very own 'matoki' then i dont have to paste or use their actually face on my phone (coz from a far, people thought i was using 'my' boyfriend pictures as my background pfft!)
    i havent listen to any BAP songs, are they good? Kekeke

    1. Hahahah you know there are so many SHINee fan arts made by people! Probably you can use one of it, or official arts are usually available by SM itself. And yeah BAP is so catchy! My favourite is Hurricane and Coffee Shop!


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