Monday, November 23, 2015

My one fine day.

If you wonder what my supposed-to-be-very-free days are like, and you are very disappointed in your recent visits to my blog because I seldom write about my days lately...

Well, be glad because I'll write one of my one fine day now!

This post shall give you an idea how my days are going now; when I am still unoccupied and extremely free.

Trust me, I feel guilty loads by not having anything to do. I am depressed for how many weeks already--I lost count--and I no longer want to talk about it to anyone else so I might appear really happy now.

I am, and I am not. I am not sure, it is very complex inside my head now.

My day starts with... Myself waking up no early than 8AM.

(I know if I start working, I got to struggle waking up at 5AM everyday *shrug*)

Mum took pic of me sleeping one morning!!!!!!

She sent me above pic and wrote:

"Why now your backside so flat? Sadz =("

I guessed I flattened my backside thanks to almost daily running! Although so, I wanted my stomach to be flat and not my backside. I somewhat am also sad a bit, hahahaha.

My stomach has no change up to today. Haiz.

And my backside is less sexy now. Sorry future husband!

I wake up, clean house, kill mosquitos and hunt for furballs:

Quiz: can find doggy butt?


Weather is damn hot lately thanks to the thick clouds and the lazy rains. So we can say I also work out at home. Although I drink more water and I eat more snacks. *cries*

Then I go out running for an hour at KM 0. I shall really say that I am very blessed, as I wrote previously that I might stop my running chain, the weather seems to invite me to continue running every late afternoon as rain always stops at 3PM!!

So I go running, and the weather is so chill~!

It is almost impossible for me to catch orange yolk sunsets.. But the weather is pretty nice!

On sunsets, I always got to see lots of birds flying around and I really wish that no bird shit land on me!!

And also took a pic of the random birds flying above me, local tourists, and my most favourite man!

I go back home after sunset, buy a few snacks on my way back:

Yes. A few, LOL.

Took a shower for 40 mins after running because I love shower time! Hahaha.

Then around 7PM on that day, I went to my sis' house to welcome the baby girl!

I got one more niece! Hello little Phoenix! (Yes that is her name!)

I don't know what to feel, (I am not happy nor sad, I feel nothing! Haha) and baby niece is super super super small~! Looks so fragile and barely cry!

Or probably it is my first time seeing a newborn baby?

And also, since I spend almost one day without eating, I then go to KFC to fulfill my breakfast - lunch - dinner duty.

I eat three meals at once! Almost explode myself!

Late night, I spend my time doing something pretty normal at home just like guai girl.

Reason is: no money and no interest to go clubbing, go to bars, go random crowded places (I hate crowds fullstop) haha.

I draw tons of sprites for my VN game project: I have decided few sprites, but I haven't been able to continue the story. Sad die me. =(

More on my art blog.

I doodle and I eat (again LOL) a pretty nice night snack:

#2 Quiz: what are those mysterious snack?
A. Potato
B. Mango
C. Apple

Answer will be at the end of this post. Try to guess before you reach it! *wink*

Then late at night after dad goes to sleep, I play frustrating Sega games!

Any of you play Sega games in 90s?


I love Sega games, but they are so damn hard to finish. I started playing all of these almost 20 years ago and I haven't been able to reach the ending.

It has been 20 years! Omg.

I know, I suck in game. Don't judge me.

Use my newly bought PS stick controller, I can play Quackshot! This game is really funny and interesting! But too hard for stupid me. I pledge to finish it before I die.

Almost 20 years ago, I didn't understand English so I barely read any captions and conversations. But when I re-play it these few days, I cannot help it but to laugh in each captions! These innocent captions make me laugh die me! Oh my gosh!

There is this one level on a Viking Ship when Donald wants a thing called "Pirates Diary" if I am not mistaken.

Then the character he met said something like this: "Beat the ghost inside this ship, and I will give you the diary."

Donald (me) had a super hard time beating the ghost inside the ship and when he (I) finally won, then we returned to that character and he then said: "Actually I don't have the diary."

I laughed myself so hard at 2AM until doggie came to my room to sniff my legs.

Hahahahahahaha laugh die me!!

Please bear with my weird humour sense.

I switch off all lamps at around 2+AM, check my HP and check my Line Play. Then I actually go to sleep at 3+AM. Sometimes better, sometimes worse.

Blame me for all of my preachers last time to people who sleep late. I now do this too.

And repeat.

That is how my common day goes, mostly.

Unless, I don't get baby niece everyday and I don't eat three meals at once everyday.

Answer to the mysterious food quiz:

it is Mango! LOL!

The sour ones, so it looks super light in colour. I struggle in eating it, but dad says it is super good so I think it being super sour is good. Although I cannot imagine how do I look upon eating it. Well, don't imagine it anyway. Hahaha.

If you manage to guess it right, I shall give you kiss emotes:

Lots of love ♥


  1. huhu, thanks for sharing your day... what game is that?

    1. It is Quackshot starring Donald Duck, gor! So fun XD

  2. I guessed it right!!!
    Hello to the new baby niece..she so preciousss!
    Your night routine is pretty much me minus the game; all i did is eat, read random fb post, play Line Play, and eat some more hahaha
    Nice seeing you keeping up with your running.
    I'm ashame to tell you my progress LOL

    1. Hahahahahhaa omg you are so awesome!! On second thought I looked at the pic, I thought it was apple XD
      Yes she is very loved and precious! Her daddy loves her so much, I guess more than anything lol! Can see from his face.
      Hahahaha omg I also do Line Play literally every night :")
      LOL my progress isn't that good either. I have been having horrible PMS these few days so I gained back what I lost in weeks, in just two days. OHMYGOD.


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