Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My first chinese poem.

I performed a simple Chinese poem in my class today!

For your information, I have never taken Chinese lesson formally. My Chinese speaking and writing skill is built up through daily interactions within my family. And recently we never used Chinese at all so you may judge me anyhow--Indonesian language is so interesting!

I started to learn how Chinese really speaks through the class I have been joining these few weeks and since my accent stinks shit, teacher decided I should practice it with a simple Chinese poem.

I performed a children Chinese poem titled: 登鹳雀楼 (To Climb White Stork Tower).

To tell all of you, this is my VERY first time learning 声调 (tones)--so in my entire 23 years I have never learned any tones at all. So Chinese poem is also a very new thing to me.

And to let you know: I had fun!

白日依山尽,//The white sun sets between mountains
黄河入海流。 //Yellow river flows into the sea
欲穷千里目,//Want to see another thousand miles of view
更上一层楼。//Must go one floor higher

Random translation I tried my best to do.

And here is random picture of me; less puffy face, and just had a really good hair mask session!

And flying Iscream~!

Also, Mr Brown from my uni bff!

Lots of love ♥


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