Monday, November 16, 2015

Furry days.

Weather has been weird lately. It is mainly raining now, yet there are some days that emit super hot air!

Poor doggie probably noticed the weather change so she acts manja more lately:

She follows me almost 24/7 for unknown reason? Even watching me when I am changing my clothes?!

Probably the house is often empty nowadays that she doesn't want me to leave her alone. Which I often do.

Omg! Poor doggie! I am very sorry! But I need to run more~

Also, she starts to shed a lot of those furry hair; which enters my throat mercilessly!

I literally have to hunt for these furballs every hour; because they are just in every most difficult corner in the house! Why?!

And omg you know what?

Today I accidentally stepped on her tail! She stood up very quickly to avoid me but I ended up taking few percent of her furry tails:

That is like 10% of her entire tail!!!!

I am very sorryyyy! I regret stepping on you! (But only if you are not too clingy to me that this won't happen!)

She thought I was playing with her (by taking her furs? Seriously?) and she bit my hand lovingly. She didn't get angry at all.

OMG. Why you so pure?

I said sorry like hundred times and I don't think she would understand me but believe me I really felt so bad making your useful tail bald a bit.

We all should learn to behave from animals, from which they never hold on grudge to us.

Lots of love ♥


  1. at least your dog wants to be with you.
    our family cats (yes, Cats!) didn't even want me to hug them. very rude! i fed them!
    hahaha but yeah, the weather is making them sheds.

    1. Hahahahahah~~ She is way too clingy and sometimes a bit annoying. Because of her, clinginess.
      Ohhhh my I have always been wanting to pet cats but I never have the chance. They are independent I guess? Hahahaha. But cats are so adorable~ I mean, They are not as noisy as doggie. Mine, she is extremely noisy. I can never sleep early because she howls literally every midnight, for unknown reason. Now that I think about it, it is a bit spooky ><


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