Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Twenty-three and happiness.

It is another time of the year to celebrate my existence!

Although this year's birthday I am still in the middle of mourning, but I am very blessed with everyone's prayers.

I also learned something really valuable! That in each year, there will be lesser and lesser people who will send me tons of emojis and tacky birthday wishes; and those people are the ones I really like!

I think I just grew out the birthday celebration in me. Since I thought I will always be the person who gets all excited by myself on birthday, but eventually I forgot about it by myself on Monday.

Also, since I am still in the middle of mourning period, eventually I completely forgot that I just turned twenty-three two days ago until there was this midnight message with tons of cute emojis and a happy birthday song was sung to me!

Sis also sent me birthday e-cards she made by herself and it made me so happy, also I laughed so loudly that I cried!

Ahahahahahahahaha~~ She is the best, isn't she!?

Two of my current favourite Korean actors wished me happy birthday leh!! What kind of dream is this!?

Sometimes naughty sis is really really clever!! Really grateful to have such awesome sis in my life!!

Gomawo sis, oppa, and dongsaeng~!

Ah, I don't usually read messages right ahead if I were in the middle of internet surfing or movies, so I only read those messages like about an hour later and only then realised that I was already twenty-three years old!

To tell you, I haven't really turned 23 until Monday evening. #konayachitrivia

So what did I do on Monday? Nothing much to say here, but I did few fun things!!

#1 I finally claimed the car's insurance like on its last valid day! 
So, October 20th night I got into a small car accident. Although I survived with no injuries, but the car suffered really visible scratches and dents. Never got in a fight with the other driver and he kindly gave me 250K as compensation, okay, nothing to debate more since I was in a double shock that day! I also suffered mild shock for a day or two since I kept trembling my hands for those few days and driving on big roads scared me to death.

Then I decided to go to claim my car insurance for the dents (and the little dent accident I had earlier this year--if any of you remember? haha), I went to the insurance office on October 21st; and parents told me that the car insurance expiry date was October 21st (walau eh!!) so I rushed everything and prepared documents hurriedly since the claim limit time is 12PM.

I drove fastly to the insurance's office only to find out that they have moved their office to the new mall!! Really frustrated and was in a rush since I was supposed to be busy for the wake and funeral on that day, I drove fastly again to the new mall to take care of the claim as soon as possible!

Met the person in charge there and took care of few things and signed few papers, I then slowly asked him whether I also could claim the car dents from different accident. For some reasons he said I could combine the claims for the day before's accident and the long time ago's dent!! Happy to the max that I only needed to claim once (therefore, only paid once) for two dents, then we took care of which automobile repair should I go to and once I finished everything, I could go there.

Monday morning then I went there with dad (he drove the other car, so after I drove the car to the repair shop I could go home with dad and not left there alone haha), we had hard time to find the repair shop! The insurance man did say that the repair shop was hard to find. Then dad gave me signals to stop on the left side for a while to ask people, and only then I realised that we stopped right in front of the repair shop!

Laughed out loud at dad we then drove in, met the people there, took care of everything and then we left the car there and went back home.

#2 Dad bought me gold fish!!
It has been a while since I wanted gold fish!! So after we left the car for repairing, dad brought me to animal market and let me choose my own gold fish!! I was so happy that I chose two orange gold fish and named them Carrot and Pumpkin, also one black gold fish named Raspberry!

See how Miki loved them so much and thought they are food?

Ah, and Pumpkin died the next day!

#3 Normally went to my class.
Ah, if I haven't told you here, I currently joined an informal speaking class! I thought it was supposed to be multiple-languaged classes (weird, I know) but the more I attend it, the more I realised it only consists of English and Chinese speaking classes. You know that I don't speak really well especially in front of people so I took this class just for fun, and really, looking forward attending these classes makes me happy~!


I don't know whether what I learn so far would be useful, but at least I now don't sound like Javanese medok medok, a bit haha. I try to practice my tongue to speak like full-time native. (What does even that mean haha)

#4 Free steak!
On family gathering on funeral last week, my cousin told me that Holycow gives free steak to any birthday people! So after class I then decided to go to Holycow and asked them about the birthday promotion.

They said sure sure! And very happily shout to the kitchen people to prepare the birthday meal! I was embarrassed to the max and I wanted to disappear, haha!

And then in no time I got myself free steak! =D and I also ordered fettuccine chicken carbonara, mango tango dessert and my daisuki lychee iced tea!

Happy birthday girl is happy~!

#5 Went (not) to Hello Kitty Go Around festival!
I was so excited last month that I really really wanted to go to Hello Kitty Go Around festival on my birthday! But when I expressed this idea to my parents, they firmly said no to me. Very disappointed and sad, I obeyed them. I had zero intention to beg them for reasons I couldn't figure out at that time.

Disappointed that I couldn't go, but I still wrote it on my calendar anyway:

Then, Monday night Meow Ranger started to send me one by one pics of the festival, for I didn't know what reason? I was extremely tired so I couldn't understand why was I sent all of these pics, I thought he was showing off me that he went there or what. So I was extremely pissed off thinking he went there and had so much fun and became very very haolian wtf so I went sleep right ahead since I was super tired.

Then the next day when I could properly see all of the cutest pics in my life that were sent to me the night before; I felt weird feelings inside me. It was so heartwarming to receive all of these super cute pics of the festival there, but inside there was something that hurt me so badly.

I remembered clearly that I really really wanted to go there last month, and if I were to go there no matter what, I would have left mum alone here and since my family is still currently mourning, I don't think I would enjoy the trip there and all of these thoughts made me cry whole afternoon.

I pity mum so much while we are all still mourning here, I spent so much money to the festival I really love. The festival of my favouritest kitty ever which I was never able to go to!

This is hard to explain. So disappointed that I couldn't go to the festival on Monday, but on the other hand I was very relieved that I never bought the tickets. I know this sounds very complicated, and all of these things made me really really sad! Weird me is weird, right? I cried for an hour or two for thinking about all of these!

Felt extremely bad because Meow Ranger thought he made me so unhappy so I tried to control my emotions and explained to him that it is all the problem within me. Though I thought it is all settled, I still feel sad every now and then and I would randomly cry at something very random.

Also when I saw floating Pumpkin yesterday, I cried by myself looking at poor Pumpkin floating, and I swear I saw her tried to catch breath once or twice in a minute.

Sucks that now I have to deal with my emotions and I would cry for every little thing. Crying is tiring you know?

But really, thank you thank you for the very thoughtful pictures sent to me!! Those pictures are the cutest I ever received in my life and I will treasure all of it forever!!

I hope the person doesn't mind if I upload one of cutest pic:

My super favourite pic! Look at all those red backgrounds everywhere (red and pink is my ultimate favourite colours!) and ultimate cuteness all over!

I don't think he ever reads my blog but still I like not to reveal pics of anyone I know personally. Unless they know that I write about them, then I can every now and then upload their pics here. Despite of the very little backlinks to this blog, I can't help but notice that this blog has quite many random visitors each day from all around the world!

Thank you, thank you very much everyone for all the wishes and prayers!

I promise all of you to smile more and cry less, to make everyone happy, and to work on my dream harder than before!

P.S. I don't really take pics of me nowadays since my face is super puffy thanks to daily crying. I know, I am an idiot for crying everyday but I will try to smile more everyday!

Lots of love ♥


  1. *shocked* I missed your birthday! I'm so sorry Jess!!
    but here it is; Happy Belated Birthday Jess! Wishing you tons of happiness and a prosperous year and so much more! Glad you got to enjoy free steak! yummiest birthday treat EVA!
    and sorry about Pumpkin. T.T

    I hope you are doing alright and still coping well with your beloved.

    1. Haha! No problem! Thank you thank you AzNur unni~~! =D~
      Pumpkin is going to heaven! I am exaggeratedly sad but I will be ok. haha.

      Thank you for the concern! We are slowly doing better!


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