Monday, October 19, 2015

Sweat the heat.


We are soon entering the fourth week of October but the weather is almost insane here. I have to change my clothes literally every few hours because it is soaking wet--of sweat, of course.

It was like 35°C here on Saturday, and it is about the same now. I might be exaggerating here but although the thermometer shows 35°C but it almost feels like 40°C. I suspect the thick clouds might be contributing in generating the heat.

Wah I talk very science, although my science sucks.

I don't even want to step outside anymore since the heat is mad, but there is not much difference inside house. We don't have air purifier and such because dad becomes paranoid if we would wet our lungs--do you have any terms of this by the way?--and aircon is out of option.

Our only savior is fan; we have like 5 fans inside house and I even have two in my room. I switch them on almost all the time especially at night. Dad scolds me for switching on the fan almost all day, he even said: "it will explode!!" but I fought back and begged him since the weather is mad, then he okay-ed me after a while. Though he did nag a bit, told me probably I sleep too much so I feel hotter than usual. (?)

There was that time--it was around 3AM--when I decided to strip my top and expose my stomach to fan because I thought I was dying of the heat--sweat flows in both of my cheeks, my entire back and my almost entire front.

Like people say, expose stomach to fan is shiok especially when the weather is damn crazy--and I really enjoyed it!--but thanks to my weak digestion, I caught the wind and trapped it inside my gut instead and ended up having super terrible diarrhea in the morning.

I get this kind of thing all the time; not sure what kind of thing, but every time I stay in cold room for too long and my stomach is exposed, the next day I will have to lao sai my gut to death. And I often catch cold wind, so it often happens--at least once a month. I feel sorry for my weak digestion, but I cannot help it.

Despite of the things I ramble about the October heat--there are things I really like. Mum's rose moss (pic above) blooms super big and pretty in the hottest days. The pic I took was at 2PM so the flowers were on its verge to wither.

Actually those are not going to wither since the flowers will bloom again tomorrow morning. But recently I can't seem to wake up early for, some reasons, so pic above might be only one pic I can take before the flowers really wither.

As I write this; I remember there are way too many things I am supposed to do; but I haven't. And it puts me to low mood every time I remember this. I have to do it, but (insert many shitty excuses here).

I still struggle to finish the art trade with my blogger friend since two months ago (and I have drawn over ten drawings to trade but none satisfy me, hais); and an online test I am supposed to do a few weeks ago but I am too coward to start because I failed the sample test.

This week, I hope at least I will finish two of them this week.

Lots of love ♥


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