Friday, October 9, 2015

One day round trip.

It ain't business trip but it felt like one, because I had round trip in one day.

So I can say that I traveled almost 1,200KM within one day.

New achievement unlocked!? =D

I went to Jakarta for my first interview in a young IT company. Considering my last week de experience that I stayed up for two days for a psychology test on an insurance company (and I felt so horrible), this time I decided to take the earliest flight to Jakarta since my interview appointment was at 10AM.

I thought, by taking 6AM flight and since the journey was covered within 1 hour so I think it would be a relaxing trip.

I was completely mistaken.

My flight was delayed for another 2 hours.

Okay la, I think delayed flights are tolerable because we all want safety, right? So my 6:50AM flight was delayed to 8:20AM (red mark on pic). I never put my hope too high for this kind of occasion so I would say that it would be delayed for another two hours.

Funny thing: there is two morning flights to Jakarta: 6:50AM and 7:30AM. I could take both flights but I decided to take the 6:50AM as I wanted to relax more and didn't rush things, since I need to maintain my appearance. Going to interview whatt.

It turned out that the second morning flight to Jakarta--the 7:30AM one (blue mark on pic)--was on time!!!!!!

Whaaaaaat~?! *jaw drop*

I almost cried when I saw it and I wished for some movie scenes where the people there offered one seat left for that flight and gave it to meeeee.

I fantasized too much alright. XD

We all got call to get our snack box so there was this queue, not that crowded.

And I got mine~!

I immediately called my employer but there were no response (it was still super early in the morning, after all okay?) so I sent them an email with full of excuses of me being late. Well it was a really unfortunate excuse so I hoped they could accept me being super tardy for my first interview. I couldn't imagine how it would ruin me and my first impression.

I mean, being late on my first impression? Oh my god it felt so horrible! =(

So I waited for the delayed flight. Wait wait wait wait since dawn until almost 9AM then I finally took off.

I have always hated waiting so it took on me--I instantly looked few years older upon waiting and did nothing else. Angry die me! Not angry because of the delayed plane, I was angry because I was waiting and I couldn't do anything else. I didn't even bring any book to read or portable game players.

Eh, actually I don't have one. XD

Really thinking to invest to an NDS 3D?

Reached Jakarta at around 10:20AM and I immediately called my employer--that I immediately felt so beh seng gi (sorry Idk what is this in English) because he didn't mind me being so late and then offered me to a 3PM interview or to reschedule it to another day.

But I had to do it at that time. Because I needed to go to airport back again at 3PM and I was so scared so I asked him whether we could do the interview at 11AM on that day. I was so surprised he okay-ed me with that so I took taxi immediately and rushed myself to the office~!

I immediately looked super messy when I realised how long I would have to wait. Watashi waiting daikirai! =(

Interview went well (in my opinion) until around 2PM. The employers were nice though I was super nervous and I definitely looked like shit argh but I said all things well and honestly.

I used to act clever and knowledgeable in my previous many interviews because I wanted to be seen as one of the shiny applicants. But recently I realised that being myself is the best.

I am generally a kind and considerable person but I also think of myself. Which means that although I would help people regardless, I will never lose myself. I think this is a good principle I hold for myself because by doing this, I don't need to depend on people. I have way too many experiences about this, erm, yeah. I actually feel so happy learning about this and human interactions that each day I feel happier than usual~ for real!

Though at some times I might rant rant and chat chat about things that I am tired of, but my best people around me are very understanding of my chattery trait and I couldn't be any more grateful of that!

So I felt so good after interview and since it was already 2PM I immediately took taxi and headed to airport again. Hahahaha a day full of long journey and rush. I felt so hungry although I have eaten lots of carbs in the morning (plus the apologise token from my delayed flight) so I had my lunch at airport.

Then I entered the waiting room for my 5PM flight.

And guess what.. My second flight that day was delayed again.

I was prepared to board at around 4:30PM okay but it somehow felt weird; I got some hunches. Then the announcement was there--my flight was delayed for 45 mins, approximately XD

45 mins delay announcement will never be exactly 45 mins, okay. I took off at 6:35PM, which was 95 mins from the original schedule (see how the delay time was doubled). It was already so dark when I took off.

And oh my god, the weather was not too good. Pilots had announced it and images of many scary plane movies appeared in my head. See how idiot I am?

And I squeezed myself hard in each small shake the plane had. I felt so idiot since the other passengers were so calm and they were like sleeping and I was there, squeezed myself super hard and prayed to any gods I know to let me make it home safely.

See how super lebai I was while it was a very short land flight that I didn't even take any water route at all and I was scared to death that I would be drowned.

Drown in longkang ah? XD

Turned out it was only Jakarta area which weather was not good. Weather in Jogja was super nice that night~!

Reached Jogja at 7:30PM? So late whatt! Then I had super nice fried snapper dinner with parents~ And told them lots of stories about my day.

Also it was Jogja's birthday anniversary (Oct 07) so the road was super super super super crowded! I was feeling super tired originally and we had to take a super far route to go home. Took a super fast shower upon reaching home, then I lied on my bed, read few messages, and before I was able to reply anything, I fell into a super deep slumber.

Happy 259th birthday my beloved kind and exotic city Jogja!

It was a super tiring and fun day for me~! =D

Lots of love

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