Sunday, October 4, 2015

Musky sky.

I think raining season is on its way. There is no day without clouds.

The sun is like aikawarazu ni, super sunny! But I can feel a thin layer in the sky, hence it is not as blue as how sky usually is on May - July.

I can almost be completely sure that it is not haze, my place is the opposite direction of the hazy wind.

The season is changing. It is October anyway!

I can feel a thin musk coloured layer in the sky.

Also yesterday I went running again after few days off due to exhaustiveness and my lower back was super sore.

I managed to meet the yolk coloured sun again. It was so pretty! But, I also felt the musk coloured thin layer before my eyes.

I can almost confirm it is not haze, but it felt like one.

See how bright and free the sun looked like, but the sky around it was musky. I couldn't understand why.. Probably if I took geology class, I would figure it out.

It was really quiet that evening and I enjoyed the musky and pretty sunset and ran around covered with thin sweat.

The wind was very breezy and chill therefore I barely perspired.

Side note, I wasn't really running. My sore lower back is still hitting me. =/

Lots of love ♥


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