Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mountain trip.

One of the best thing in Jogja is that everything is literally there.

Feelin' sexy and want to splash in the beaches? Drive south, countless Southern Beaches are available for public.

Feelin' like tourists and want to explore Jogjanese culinary world? Walk to Malioboro, shop everything in super affordable price and eat sweet local dishes. *)

Feelin' like want to chill out and clean lungs? Drive north, the tall and active Merapi mountain stands hard on Northern Highland.

On Tuesday, still with the very same group of big family (plus my 'handsome' cousin brother's family is now joining) we all drove to Northern Highland.

Our main goal is to eat the mutton dishes which we have been eating for so many decades already (as long as I could recall, with and without me), also to give good play time for the kiddos--my nephews and nieces.

I am never a fan of mutton dishes. I think they stink (and beef as well) but I still eat them anyway. I believe skilled people can cook mutton dishes and remove the odour? I would love to try it! =D

After the hearty lunch and lots of chats and laughs, we then headed to the Forest Park nearby there. It is inside the highland.

It is a very nice place to release your energetic kiddos to play, run around and kick balls.

Also, it is very chill there! It feels really good to go there with shorts and T-Shirts on these days, when it is extremely hot and humid in the city!!

Jogja city's humidity now is 95% with these super hot days! Imagine it >.<

The view from the mutton restaurant~ See that far far and high high hill? Take a super deep~ breath, you'll feel awesome!

Cool air enter your lungs, feels awesome!!

Inside the Forest Park. It was quiet that day! So happy~ =D

Take another deep breath~ Cool air enters lungs!

So quiet and peaceful~ Happy happy day!

Even the playground was empty! If I was feeling healthy and happy, I would have run around.

See the kiddos playing together, I tried to recall my childhood. But I couldn't remember any.

Then I asked mum: "Little nephews and nieces look so happy together! Why I couldn't remember myself playing together with cousins?"

Mum then said: "When you were toddler, all of your cousins were already in high school.. You didn't have this kind of experience, playing together with same-aged cousins."

I realised that almost all of my cousins are already in their 30s. They have formed their own families and have their own children. That's probably why nowadays I feel so distant with all of my cousins. All of them have grown busy with their little families.

The unhealthy and unhappy me gathered with elderlies. =/ Parents and their siblings and in laws.

We had lots of afternoon chats with snacks and cola. There was this one main topic which concerned me so much.

"Buying a house".

This is a super heavy topic but I joined them anyway. We realised that nowadays house pricing is crazy. Let me give you one example.

Jogja is a cheap city. But according to the governor's rule (as I heard from my elderlies), we would only obtain the "Usage Rights" of the land. Unlike Jakarta and other cities where when we buy a land or a house, we would get the "Ownership Certificate" or the similarly called legal term of owning the house.

That is one disadvantage. Renewing the "Usage Rights" also requires money alright?

I thought this law applies to all Jogja citizens but apparently after a 5-min research, I just understand that this law applies only to non-locals.

I don't want to talk much about it since it is a decade long law, it is okay.

Talking about "Buying a house", nowadays housing prices here have increased significantly. Some of my cousins complained that small house in a complex could cost at around 1,2 billions. Which is insane. For Jogja's standard.

I mean, the housing price everywhere has risen crazily. Even now.

Imagine when it is my turn to purchase a house. While salary and bonuses shy shy rise a bit every period of time, housing prices are rocketing high high.

In this case, I think the good option is to do the "Buying a house" as a team work. I no longer able to do it all alone, neither the opposite sex.

We need to work hard die us to purchase a house.

Dad always tells me that before buying anything else, buy a house first. Die die starve and never go holiday, must buy a house first.

And I will remember that in my whole life.

With tons of laughs and jokes, we all had this kind of heavy talk. Depressed me again, why my future looks so bleak?

I shall really make sure that myself can go through all of it.

Lastly, took pic with the iconic statue before going back.

This trip marks the end of our big family trips. Until next time~ We all gonna have fun again! =D

*) Consult local people for the best bargain and or the best dishes.

Lots of love ♥


  1. really where live have so much going on and you can do a lot of things too!
    currently, I am so bored and don't know what to do.
    anyway, buying house in Brunei is the same thing. House prices getting so high and I don't if my salary could afford it :S

    1. Hahaha~! It may seem so, but it is pretty boring here now. =/
      Ahhh yeah. I don't know how to say this, I want to say "don't worry everything is going to be okay" but I am not sure if I myself even can believe it. Housing price, omg.. What am I gonna do. =(


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