Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mid-Autumn (festival).

Alamak, is the kueh hanzi wrong?

Sunday was the Mid-Autumn festival day! Wish all of you a happy Mid-Autumn festival!

The full moon was awesomely big and red. I happened to see it on my way back home after an extremely exhausting trip to beach.

Mid-Autumn festival day has always been so exciting for me. I mean, pretty and big orange full moon, family reunion dinner, unusually clear sky for unknown reason, lanterns (though there are not many here) and moon cakess~!

I didn't light any lanterns because I was out whole day and was way too exhausted upon reaching home. In fact, I didn't do anything to celebrate it.

So I light 999 lanterns in my heart, alright?

Chang'err~ Give my heart strength to love more!!

I also only drew moon cake above since I am too bo lui to buy one--no school means no pocket money = parents logic.


Also, sis and me talked (via Line video call) about wishing to meet a nice future husband. We always do this during the Mid-Autumn festival day, just anyhow relate how people do it in other side of the world. Although the most prominent culture we really follow is only eating moon cakes. =D

Ai yo, this kind of thing is always so funny. We would talk for hours like non stop. Though mostly our topics will end up in Korean male idols. We would unknowingly create many many fan-fictions about them and laugh like crazy about it. We fantasize too much about it, you know, 20-something girls' fantasies, cannot be helped? XD Recently, our hot topic for Korean idols is iKon. KimBabb~!

Enough for the embarrassing topic.

See the orange and round thing in the middle? That was the full moon on Sunday. Isn't yolk full moon the best?! =D How is it even possible. It is my favourite! (Not the yolk, sadly).

Late at night full moon turned white. Some people said it was super moon plus moon eclipse during Mid-Autumn festival. I am not sure about here, but it was crazy red here. And later at night, it was still so bright, even almost equal to normal road lights below it.

Arghh I want to invest to better camera to capture night skies~!

Lots of love ♥


  1. I don't celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival but I am always given moon cakes at the office! I love moon cakes! xD

    and fantasizes over Korean man? I can relate to that. Creating fanfictions? I can relate to that too! hahahah I mean, what better way of dreaming what my future husband would be like, right? hahaha

    1. Hahaha! So good! =D Even myself not always eat moon cakes >...< LOL~~ Should we have a coffee chat sometimes and fantasize about Korean men? XD and really really don't feel down first, we all still have chance!! =P


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