Saturday, October 10, 2015

Food diary #6

I had digestion problem this entire week so I kinda ate unsatisfying meals. Had super horrible constipation and bloating for duno what reason?!

I originally am a rebellious girl so I have cheat food every now and then. Oops.

★ McDonald Icecream! Cheat food. Very artificial strawberry.. But good if you need sudden spike for sugar rush! =D

★ Constipation struck! Told myself to make jelly out of nowhere, and made this weird jelly flavour! Brown sugar and coconut (milk) flavoured jelly. Not sweet, but I teach sweet-tooth me to eat lesser sugar each time. Yum!

★ Another boring 'anyhow boil boil veggies' day. This time mum put in the rolled sausages which duno why it was like no taste. But no taste is good, no preservative ingredients consumed. Healthy life woohoo!

★ Hungry out of nowhere and opened myself a pack of Twice biscuit. Yummyy~♥

★ Airport meal for lunch! It was only simple Bakmi Special GM with fried wonton but it felt like heaven! ;__; I have always liked Bakmi GM since forever.

★ Anyhow fettuccine bolognaise! Though it looked so weird, it tasted nice! Bolognaise sauce was bought in bottle. Not bad, for bottled sauce.

★ Unhealthy meal this time! Fried minced chicken plus fried meatball plus fried egg and fried potato with boiled carrots in tomato sauce. Very anyhow meal combination, is it? But as a tomato-lover, I love this dish!

Trivia: Once, a group of restaurant visitors which were Chinese tourists ordered this kind of meal; dad cooked for them and they said: "your cooking is very very good! Very similar with our original dishes in mainland!" =D So happy to hear that! Thank you kind Chinese tourists!

★ I was pulling an all-nighter on Thursday to Friday for my coding test which I stayed in front of laptop from 6PM to 7:20AM, so I messed up my body clock. I slept at 8AM and woke up 8 hours later!!

I had a super satisfying dream of ordering fried meatballs and noodles at dad's restaurant. Then I woke up super happy (over such simple dream) and to my utmost surprise: mum was cooking the very same fried meatballs and noodles!! Added the normal meatballs and wonton with soup, mum then brought the bowl to my room and let me eat in my room (eh actually I always eat in my room what haha)!

Omg, if I were to work and I stay at home, I would feel superrrr~ happy and don't have to worry about food and housechores! Unfortunately I have decided to work in other city (or overseas), so this feeling will be missed so much. =(

Lots of love ♥


  1. wow all the food look yummy!

  2. this post makes me so happy; 1. its about food!! 2. you used aillis(formerly named Line Camera) stamps so much! I used that app too although not as often as I like. xD
    and hope you are all better now. Stomach flu is the worst of all sickness in my opinion :S
    and you know how to make jelly! like, is it easy?

    1. Hahahahahaha I love aillis! XD glad you know about it~
      Yeah it is very bad! I am okay now though, thank you!

      Yep!! Making jelly is very easy, I mean, you only buy the premade jelly powder on supermarket, boil it with sugar and leave it for a few hours in fridge. =D~ You can custom the flavour and filling as well; just like what I did here *wink*


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