Saturday, October 3, 2015

Food diary #5


Went to JCM (my second visit) and ate at QuaLi on the third day of family reunion. The dishes were good!

Went to Bong Kopitown on the fourth day of family reunion. I ordered my beloved Lychee Ice tea~! They gave pretty generous lychee: four lychees I think? I ate three of them and gave mum one. XD

Penang fried noodle! A bit salty for me (I am not a fan of salty food) but overall it is not bad!

Return to cook at home routines! This time mum cooked meesua again with satay again. I ate two bowls but felt like eating 5 bowls whatt. =X

And boiled veggies again! But this time I anyhow added steamed minced meat and fried meat balls. Yummyy~!

Lots of love ♥

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