Thursday, October 29, 2015

23rd resolutions.

Gonna dedicate one post each year for my annual resolution, and here is the update from the last year resolutions:
====22nd resolution====
01. Myself.
I would like to be 110 pounds!
I want to find my inner peace.
A striking haircut or hairdye.
Find my art genre!
Find myself a challenging and intelligently engaging job!
02. My study.
I would like to learn more languages, informally.
Ace my final thesis defence! (I don't ask much things, just ace it!)
03. My family.
Parents and sister good health and be happy and successful!
Family holiday trip!
04. My friends.
All of us graduating together!
Create good memories.
Find new friends.
Cherish old friends.
05. Blogging.
A brand-new blogging concept!
06. Fatty ranger meow.
Multiply prosperity and have enough of everything to be happy!
Have good health to enjoy this great luck year!
Fun holidays~!
Nothing much is granted for myself. I fluctuate my weight so often that it confused myself. For some reasons, I think I have so many inner conflicts inside me rather than inner peace. I still struggle to draw consistently, and I still hunt jobs really slowly. I want to get the best of everything so I am kind of slack things down.

On the other hand, I had a super short haircut on May and it has grown so long up to today so I didn't really feel the striking haircut effect. It didn't really change my personality, anyway.

For my study, I have finished everything this year and I got to say that I am very happy with everything. I aced my thesis defence with my partner, and I was so happy the graduation went really well!

Also I have recently started to practice my tongue to speak Chinese and English well. I don't know how many years has it been since I got very comfortable with Javanese accent, thus losing the art of tongue-twisting that exists in Chinese. I have been practicing the Chinese de cengkok so you'll find my Chinese slightly improved nowadays. Also my English, apparently those languages require similar thing: short tongue. LOL! While living with Javanese people around you, unconsciously you will grow your tongue out since the dialect is super thick here! So I might be nonchalantly growing my tongue super long; will I be good in kissing? LOL.

There are way too many languages I have encountered in my life so it is kinda hard for me to actually focusing on one of them, because speaking mix-languages is really really comfortable!

My family are all healthy and awesome, only we just recently lost someone really important to us last week so it was a huge shock to usand me. But still, this is a learning to all of us to treasure our time together and not to make everyone sad and disappointed because death might come anytime to us, we all never know.

Even so, I wish for happiness and health to my family, and my dear friends, and everyone else in this world!

And for my friends, I really really made awesome memories with my uni friends, and I look forward future reunions with all of them! I also made contact with my old, first few friends in Jogja recently and so happy that we all might go to one reunion in near time~!

Also, I have been joining LINE PLAY for a few months and I should say I made few awesome friends! I have two new Taiwanese friends and one Japanese friend, and they are really friendly and their avatars are really cute!

I will introduce them here someday, maybe!

For blogging, it is really surprising that I really really changed the entire thing of my blogging concept! Now I no longer blogging as myself, but I blog as Konayachi--my alter ego. I still worry sometimes that people who know me professionally would find me here since I really want to separate between my professional life and my personal life here so I am thinking to settle this down some time in the future.

And for my Ranger meow whom I daisuki, things look well on his side so I am glad!


It is crazy to realise that the dreams I was really happy to look forward, all came true! I guess the power of Secret and Law of Attraction really does exist and I would someday spread the love to everyone!

Which is, that when we believe all the things we wish for happily, it will all come true!

And now the 23rd resolutions updated list is here:
====23rd resolution====
01. Myself.
I would like to be 110 pounds!
I want to love myself entirely, inside and outside.
I want a striking hairdye? (Pink or blond maybe lol)
I want to find my inner peace.
Find my art genre!
Start myself a fun, challenging and awesome career.
02. My family.
Parents and sister good health and be happy and successful!
Family holiday trip!
03. My friends.
Find new friends.
Cherish old friends.
04. Blogging.
A brand-new blogging concept!
Start to monetize blog!
I will work hard on my 23rd and I believe everything is going to be so great!

By the way! I am joining Pinterest, I collect drawings mostly, but I might collect another things in the future. Girly, cute, clever and animal things mostly ahaha.

Lots of love

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