Monday, September 28, 2015

So-ro trip.

Had to go to Jakarta for my company test and interview on last Friday (25/09).

It was mad exhausting but I found more interesting things way ahead! There are so many things you can actually find extraordinary when you are all by yourself.

I mean, you start to see things differently, and people all around this world will amaze you.

Got ready for my company test and interview! Washed my face and brushed my teeth on station's public restroom, because I just had to!

I was a pretty mess before, after 8 hours of train journey:

Though I didn't look that bad, I was almost half asleep at that point. I reached Jakarta at 4AM and nothing much I could do. So I took lots of pic all around me (empty train station was surely creepy when you are by yourself!) and I posted lots of Snaps!

I got a 'Fried-egg' Snapchat trophy badge! =D Snapchat is awesome!

Then had my breakfast with Kitty. I met a local singer from a local show btw and exchanged a smile. He is not as famous as the international singers but I could see that he was very kind! =)

Around 7AM I took taxi and went to the company. Had my test and everything else until around 12PM and so glad that they announced the results super quickly.

Ah, and I failed the thing. =X

So I didn't proceed to the next tests and I went to airport directly to go back home on that very same day.

This is my second time in Terminal 3 and I now had the chance to explore few things around. Wanted to get into refreshing corner or executive lounge but I ain't executive person. I am just happen to be an adult without CC who wandered around. =X

My tired-looking face and Terminal 3.

And having my lunches with Kitty again!

Ah, this time two Japanese girls were sitting beside me eating together! I was so excited to be with them, I mean I somewhat got it what they said (my Japanese improved, ah?!) and I want want want want to be friend with them! But I realised I looked like shit and if I suddenly talk to them, wouldn't they look at me weirdly!?

So I finished my curry puff and cream puff as soon as possible and left that place! =X

Took off at 4:45PM something although the schedule was 5PM. =D nice!

Lucky me got window seat again~ And it was very cloudy that day in Jakarta. Medium turbulence was unavoidable, and it somewhat made me nervous. ^__^;;

See the sunset sky from above! My view was east sky. See how gorgeous nature combines the colour of orange, soft yellow and ash blue.

I dream of painting 99 of gorgeous sunsets! Wish me luck? =D

Also the super clear almost-complete pretty Miss Moon~! Getting ready for tomorrow's festival alright?

Spotted this tiny mountain I couldn't recognise. There are way many many tiny mountains in Java so this might be one of them?

Gorgeous sunset sky turned pink for, I didn't know what reason. And oh my god I was so excited by myself!

So lucky that day the plane had few people; not too many people went flying on weekend I guess? I could be all excited without disturbing anyone~ ^__^

In no time the plane splitted Jogja's sky and looked at those city lights!

I didn't have my spectacles so I couldn't recognise anything. Even after I saw this pic on my laptop, I still don't know where is this? I mean, I spent my majority years in this city but I couldn't even recognise how my city looks from above. So fail. =X

This just came into my mind at that time: all the time I took a plane to travel, Jogja is the only city which the plane prepares for its landing right above the heart of the city!

I mean, we narrow our height like right above the city because the airport is in the very heart of the city itself.

Let's compare with Jakarta which airport (CGK) is placed far in the west of the city, in Tangerang exactly. Or Changi Airport which is placed in the most east of the island.

Jogja's airport is placed in the middle of the city and it somewhat scared me. Weird? XD

I think I know what road is that super bright light.. I think so. *unsure*

And this marks the end of my Soro trip! It was so lonely but I enjoyed it as much. I wish for companions though for my next trips in the future.

By the way, about the failed test--I managed to feel okay right after it because I was so hungry and I didn't think much about it. But when I reached Jogja I happened to directly joined big family reunion dinner! We had lots of chats (because it had been ages since we gathered) and they asked me so many things about the company and the test.

Which depressed me the more they asked me questions.

Told my parents with heavy heart that I failed the test but they only laughed at me and said: "It is okay! Better chance next time~" and patted me and bought me Ice cream and root beer.

Why, why this felt like it happened before?

I failed something so hard and my parents said it is completely okay and it doesn't matter.

Like, it happened before, right? I am sure of it, need to dig my old posts about it.

But when I reached home at midnight, after two days of no sleep, extreme exhaustiveness and foul mood, I drunk text people.

This, is, really, happened. Screw me?! I didn't know I was crazy enough to chat people one of my utmost thing that I am very scared of, like I didn't even want to look at those messages anymore.

I was drunk of my own foul mood.

But rest assure readers, I feel totally fine now! =)

Lots of love ♥


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